Best Indian Poetry Blogs – 2018

Poetry is a powerful tool, where you can easily convey a thousand feelings in just a few lines. The poetry has been around right before the times of paper and pen. Even in the digital era, these poetry bloggers have succeeded in reviving the love for poetry in their unique ways. They lent their voice to myriads of subjects, captured the imagination and awoke the interest of an entire generation of young minds. There is a diverse pool of poetry blogs out there, and we have scoured the web to pick the best Indian Poetry blogs-2018. These bloggers capture all the emotions of the poetry, which was deep and meaningful and painted vivid imaginary in our minds. We feel it is our privilege to honour these poetry bloggers with our major award feature “Best Indian poetry blogs-2018. Celebrating their success, we at Bonusapp have decided to arrange these finalists alphabetically instead of following any ranking based criteria.

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