Top 10 South Indian Culinary Blogs – 2018

Gone are the days when traditional cooking was portrayed as the highly specialised area of expertise. With the evocative writing skills of the recipes, easy to follow steps and clear photographs, these food bloggers have simplified the art of traditional cooking. The efforts of these bloggers in popularising the traditional South Indian Cuisine and making a mark on Global food map certainly deserves applause. These bloggers have painstakingly chronicled and deconstructed the traditional South Indian recipes to make it easier even for newbies to follow.

Further, the recipes are augmented with tantalising photographs and peppered with hilarious anecdotes, cultural bites, tips, and tricks, thus completing a blissful culinary journey. Handpicking the top 10 South Indian Culinary bloggers from a plethora of South Indian food blogs is a daunting task, and we are glad that we are able to make it. All these bloggers deserve equal credit and hence isolating them based on any criteria based ranking does not justify their efforts. So, we have arranged these Top 10 South Indian bloggers alphabetically.

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Food Photography: Top 11 tips to get started

If you are an amateur or cannot afford much of the professional equipment required for food photography, then this article is just for you. Today, having an excellent photographic content has become an absolute necessity for food bloggers. Great food photos draw the attention of the readers and make them want to read on. They also create great shareable content and indirectly increases the user engagement and clicks on your site.

 “Treat for a belly made a feast for the eyes”

 Source: playful cooking

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Top 60 Instagram hashtags for Recipe bloggers

Hashtags help Instagram users discover content and accounts to follow. The right hashtag, or combination of hashtags, is utterly powerful for your engagement, brand awareness, and post virality. You can add a maximum of 30 hashtags to a post. Adding 4-5 popular hashtags (with 1M+ posts) in your post increases the chance of making your post go viral. However, you should keep following tips in mind while using popular hashtags.

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Top 20 North Indian Culinary Blogs – 2018

The Indian food is one of its kind embracing the cultures and aromas emanating from various regions of the country. Although the authors Top 20 North Indian Culinary Blogs hail from the various areas of the country, but these authors have written the recipes in a way they are cooked in a North Indian kitchen. The contribution and efforts by these bloggers in popularising and reviving the heirloom North Indian recipes deserve credit. All their blogs feature mouth-watering, delicious and quintessential North Indian preparations. With clear-cut instructions coupled with anecdotes and exhilarating photographs, the blogs are at the forefront to help you master the art of North Indian cooking.

All these bloggers offer many reasons to fall in love with the food again and again. These food blogs have all the content to satiate the soul that varies from healthy diets, homemade delicacies, and street foods from every nook and corners of the country. The chosen Top 20 North Indian Culinary bloggers bring authentic home cuisine apart from showcasing how easy it is to create amazing flavours to tantalise your taste buds. All these bloggers have contributed equally to popularise North Indian Cuisine, and hence it is difficult to differentiate their efforts based on ranking. So, we have aligned all of them alphabetically. Without any further ado, let’s have a glimpse at the elite list of Top 20 North Indian Culinary blogs.

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