Top 10 Indian Fitness Blogs – 2018

Regular exercise plays a vital role in weight loss, strengthening of the muscles and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. If you are planning to follow a strict fitness regimen but unsure of how to start, then you are in the right place! Choosing the right fitness blogs among the plethora of blogs is like picking a needle in the haystack. For your convenience, we have picked the “Top 10 Fitness blogs” that offer creative, consistent and accurate information to stay fit and healthy. These blogs offer extensive information ranging from workouts to the diet plan and aids you in achieving your fitness goals. Besides, they offer valuable, tips, ideas and best types of activity to boost fitness and also give instructions on ways to do them the right way. So, we at Bonusapp have made it a point to honour these bloggers with our major award feature “Top 10 Fitness Blogs – 2018”. We are left in awe at their incredible dedication towards fitness and health. It would be quite unfair if we differentiate these bloggers based on any ranking, hence we have aligned the list of awardees alphabetically.

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