Top 10 Indian Book Review Blogs – 2018

For those book enthusiasts finding it hard enough to figure out the right books to follow from an ocean of available resources, book review blogs offer you a valuable guide. There is an old adage that says “ There is no sincere love than the love for food” by George Bernard Shaw. But for these Book review bloggers “There is no sincere love than the love for Books.” Their love for food is synonymous with the love for books. These book fanatics are equally passionate to the extent about writing similar to actual reading and analyze books based on content, merit, and style. They offer honest and unbiased reviews on books belonging to a wide genre across fiction and non-fiction categories and help in brand marketing. Further, they help us know the right books that are engaging and reader-worthy. Acknowledging their achievement and contributions to the book industry, we at Bonusapp have selected these book review bloggers for our major award feature “Top 10 Indian Book Review Blogs.” We feel it is unfair to differentiate these bloggers based on any criteria-based ranking and hence we have aligned them alphabetically.

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