Best Indian Poetry Blogs – 2018

Poetry is a powerful tool, where you can easily convey a thousand feelings in just a few lines. The poetry has been around right before the times of paper and pen. Even in the digital era, these poetry bloggers have succeeded in reviving the love for poetry in their unique ways. They lent their voice to myriads of subjects, captured the imagination and awoke the interest of an entire generation of young minds. There is a diverse pool of poetry blogs out there, and we have scoured the web to pick the best Indian Poetry blogs-2018. These bloggers capture all the emotions of the poetry, which was deep and meaningful and painted vivid imaginary in our minds. We feel it is our privilege to honour these poetry bloggers with our major award feature “Best Indian poetry blogs-2018. Celebrating their success, we at Bonusapp have decided to arrange these finalists alphabetically instead of following any ranking based criteria.

Ashwini Nandlal Dodani : From The Poet’s Heart

Ashwini Nandlal Dodani

An MBA graduate, Ashwini Nandlal Dodani satisfies his soul through poetry and earns his living as a digital marketing and social media professional. He believes that poetry isn’t an art or feeling, but it moves through your blood and runs in your heart. His poetry comprises all the emotions, compassion, realizations and experiences. His blog “From The Poet’s Heart” is composed of his life experiences, philosophy, humanity, reviews about products and event experiences.

Top Posts:
The Unwritten Poem
11 Thoughts Which Touched Hearts Across The Globe
Who Stole My Dustbin

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Cifar Shayar : Lamhat Moments

Cifar Shayar

Cifar Shayar is the poet, writer, and blogs at “Lamhat moments”. The blog comprises his poetry in both Hindi and English. On his blog, you can find the original poetry written by Cifar, and also his works of translation of famous Urdu and Hindi poems to English. The blog also comprises poems written by various famous poets. You can read Shayari, Ghazal, Hindi Kavita, Haiku, and more over here. All his poems are packed with feelings and emotions and sure to touch your heart.

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Nilanjana Bose : Madly-in-verse

Nilanjana Bose

Nilanjana Bose is a poet, blogger, writer and market research professional. Her blog “Madly-in-Verse” features poetry that connects with your soul. She writes her poetry beautifully and is composed wholly of romanticism. Born in Kolkata, she has lived and worked in 5 countries and travelled to more than 20 countries. She wrote travel articles, memoirs and also happen to write poetry, short fiction in Bengali and English. Some of her works won competitions and also featured in print and online media.

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Onkar Sharma : Literary Yard

Onkar Sharma

Onkar Sharma is the founder and editor of the blog “Literary Yard” a constructive platform for budding and struggling authors and also established authors to showcase their works. It features a repository of quality articles, poems, short fiction, literary essays, reviews and more. The literary yard is a non-profit platform intended to promote literary arts in India and around the world. It serves to fulfill the expectations of book lovers, readers, writers, and creative artists. The blog gathers poems from all around the place and brings you only the best of the best.

Top Posts:
A letter to my unborn child
Death of a Tree
A dip in the holy river

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Priya Iyer : The Galnxt Door

Priya Iyer

Priya Iyer is extremely passionate about reading and writing. A travel enthusiast, eternal romantic, she loves spending time with her family. She truly believes in “Live in and Let live” and wants to live the life to the fullest. Also, Priya is a big-time foodie and offers simple and delicious healthy recipes. Her blog “The Galnxt door” features snippets of her poetry, everyday life, kitchen tales, parenting stories, and adventures in eating out and more.

Top Posts:
Where the elephants fly

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Purba Chakraborty : Love, Laugh and Reflect

Purba Chakraborty

Bengali born Purba Chakraborty dons many roles with ease! She is a blogger, poet, content writer, freelance editor, web content developer, and singer. Poetry is her loyal friend and stays with her in both good and bad times. She is the author of lifestyle and creative writing blog “Love, Laugh and Reflect.” It is here, you can come across Purba’s musings, travelogues, fiction, flash fiction, poems, real-life anecdotes and more. Also, Purba jots down product and website reviews, latest events, tips and tricks and so on. Most of her short stories, poems and articles have been featured in various anthologies and magazines.

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Ramya Pandyan : The Idea-Smithy

Ramya Pandyan

The blog “The Idea-Smithy” is a place where Ramya Pandyan says stories regarding pop culture, fiction, relationships, gender politics and more. Ramya Pandyan is one of the earliest users of Indian digital space. She is a business strategist, storyteller, blogger and expresses her opinions in multiple ways in the form of poems, blog posts, updates, pictorials, and comic strips. Ramya is also a performance artist and addresses social issues and current happenings through her performances and writings.

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Saru Singhal

Saru Singhal

Saru Singhal is a content writer, blogger and an Associate Company Secretary by profession. With many awards and contest wins under her belt, she enjoys writing as much as her 9 to 5 job. She considers her blog “Saru Singhal” as a sacred space for poetry lovers. She is fond of Hindi poetry and Micropoetry. Her work has been featured in both national and international forums. She is also the recipient of many national and international awards.

Top Posts:
Why am I a modern day Meera?
I was the first girl you loved

Piya wahi jo sab kuch khaye aur nakhre na dikhaye

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Shail : Shail’s Nest

Shail Mohan

The pattern of expression is permanent when sarcasm is used as the medium of projection. Shail Mohan does exactly that and addresses many of the societal issues such as social ills, sexual harassment, gender inequality and employs humour-driven sarcasm to draw attention. She also dabbles in fiction and verse; she further pens verse on love and heartbreak inspired by her muse. Her blog “Shail’s Nest” is not like other content writing blogs but features her personal views expressed honestly. She authored the book “Love loss and acceptance, featuring a collection of poems on the joys of love, hurts of loss, and the resignation of acceptance.

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Yogita Amit Joshi : Directing My Dreams

Yogita Amit Joshi

Yogita Amit Joshi gives you everything you need from hearty compositions to genuine reviews. For her, poetry is the soul and prose is the heart. Her poetic writings are beautiful and a must read. A computer engineer by profession, she is a supermom, Cosmetic frenzy, Gadget freak, foodie, master of rhythms, poet and author of the blog “Directing my Dreams”. On her blog, she offers in-depth reviews on applications, books, products and websites. She also offers her expertise across multiple niches that include fashion, entertainment, food, technology and more.

Top Posts:
I Am A Women – #IAmCapable
Momma Speaks – Why Personal Space Is Her Kiddo’s Need
Rhyming To Create Awareness On World Mestural Hygiene Day. #NoMoreLimits

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