Snehalata Jain wears many hats; she is a lifestyle mother blogger, foodie, wanderlust, fashionista, influencer, social butterfly. She made the conscious decision to start the lifestyle blog “Blogsikka”. and never looked back since then! Photography and travelling are close to her heart, and she jots down her experiences of life on the blog. Apart she also enthrals you with her culinary skills offering unique healthy and tasty recipes. Further, not to forget her parental advice where she offers useful tips about parenting, toddler and teen tantrums, inculcating values for kids and many more.

Without any further ado, let’s get up close with Snehalatha to know more about her and her blogging journey.


How you would introduce your blog to the new readers?

My blog is all about parenting while traveling. I believe that children can learn better when they get a real life experience. On my blog – Blogsikka, I talk about parenting, traveling with kids, and lifestyle. It is all about having fun in life, some useful tips on parenting and everything related to children, and lifestyle.

Tell your blog’s story, from the idea of starting one to how it’s evolved since you wrote your first post.

I always traveled with my kid frequently even before starting my blog and used to post on social media. Many people came to me asking about tips on how to travel with children safely. This inspired me to start writing a blog. I started my first blog on recipes which I carry for my daughter and later, I continued with my travel stories. People loved my tips and photos from my journeys. Coming to the name, came to me spontaneously and thus I decided to go ahead with it.



Has motherhood changed your perspective on the world in any way?

I was a lecturer in Microbiology department and have always dealt with graduate and PG students. And due to my work profile and the stress that comes with it, I was a little dominating, impulsive, even aggressive to a certain extent and, had no patience. But motherhood has changed me completely. Even my husband noticed the change. I have become calmer, kinder and a lot more considerate. Thanks to my daughter, I understand what unconditional love means. I have become a lot more emotional and see the world through a similar light.

Describe your best day as a mom.

Motherhood is such a joyous feeling. I am moreover a happy person now! The best day was when I held Angel, my daughter, in my arms for the very first time! That memory is still crystal clear in my mind. Her Hugs and Kisses make every day the best one!


What was the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far?

When I started the blog, I felt I’m good at expressing verbally but when it comes to writing, I had to put in efforts. And another challenge was to learn web designing and SEO.



What’s one piece of advice you wish someone had told you before you became a first-time parent?

Well, honestly, I wish someone had told me to have a pregnancy photo-shoot. I did not click any pictures during my pregnancy and I highly regret not capturing the special memories. Other than this, I had a very comfortable pregnancy and all my dear ones were very helpful, and positive about my well-being.

How do you keep a balance between travel, profession, and home?

I am very lucky to have a very supportive family. I understand that striking a balance is important hence, I prioritize. Also, I usually travel with my daughter and take my husband along whenever possible. My husband is my backbone, he is extremely supportive and that gives me the strength to work harder.


What is some advice you’ve for other moms who want to start blogging?

I believe that blogging is something where one should genuinely share their experience. Blogging works well when you’d have your unique personality for the content. I have seen many moms who don’t write but still, people follow their tips in the real world because they have tried and tested tips. Write what truly is required by your readers and not follow the trend randomly. Sharing your experience is significant, according to me.


What is that one thing you would do if you have all the money and resources to do it?

Travel! Travel all the beautiful places with my family. I want to give my daughter a real-world experience which traveling can aptly provide. I believe what you learn with experience cannot be taught in any classroom!

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