Top 10 Travel Photography Blogs – India 2018

Travelling itself has challenges attached to it; but to document the landscapes, cultures, people, customs, and history alongside travel, warrant a lot of dedication. These travel photography bloggers venture far and wide with a sole motto to show us the essence of travel through their lens. There goes the saying “pictures speak louder than words”, and the proverb aptly applies to them. Visit their blogs to enthrall yourself of the spectacular journey as they unravel the hidden and unexplored destinations. Apart from traveling to exotic destinations, they ensure to capture the complete details of their travel escapades. These travel photography bloggers further assist us to become a better photographer by removing all the complexities and fluff that surrounds photography. In recognition of their outstanding work, we at Bonusapp have made it a point to commemorate them with our major award feature “Top 10 Travel photography blogs”. However, we feel it is quite unfair to differentiate them based on any ranking, and hence we have aligned them alphabetically.

Ajay Sood : Travelure

Ajay Sood

Ajay Sood is very passionate about the sights, sounds and stories of the visited places. His impeccable photography and narrative skills of the travel escapades make for desirable destinations. His blog “Travelure” features images that include a wide array of cityscapes, ruins, landscapes, heritage, people, wildlife, people, night landscapes and much more. Further, he offers handy photography tips to all the aspiring photographers. He is also the recipient of many prestigious awards and contests.

New York Night Skyline from Empire State Building/Ruwanwelisaya Stupa in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

Top Posts:
A First-Timer’s Photography Guide to New York City
Haunting Photographs of Auschwitz Memorial Camp
Photo Essay World Heritage Sites: Heritage Unplugged

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Arun Bhat : Travel.Paintedstork

Arun Bhat

Arun Bhat is an award-winning photographer and freelance travel writer who travels extensively across India and the world. His blog “Travel.Paintedstork” offers a comprehensive guide with personal insights for those travelling in India. He spends a large portion of his time photographing the serene landscapes, nature, people, and wildlife. He loves capturing the cultures, traditions, and heritage of the visited places. He co-founded a company dubbed “Darter photography” and conducts photography workshops across Asia and destinations all over India.

Landscapes of Ladakh

Top Posts:
Winters in Ladakh — India’s ultimate landscape photography experience!
Photo-story: rich cultural heritage of North-East India & Hornbill Festival
Remembering Chadar Trek…

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Himanshu Khagta

Himanshu Khagta

Himanshu Khagta is one of the versatile, Indian travel and editorial photographers based in Indian Himalayas. He spends most of his time hiking, alpine skiing and mountain biking across the Himalayas. A true traveler at heart, he narrates stories of ethnic groups around India. Visit his blog “Himanshu Khagta” to have a sneak peek of his projects, photo archives, travel stories and more. His photographs are published even in many national and International publications. He is also the author of the book “Life in Spiti” wherein he offers exclusive details of his six-month stay through the winter in the Trans-Himalayan valley of Spiti in Himachal Pradesh.

Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir/Hanle, Ladakh

Top Posts:
A Night in Hanle
Historical Town Chamba
Bharmour and its 1400 Year Old Temples – Himanshu Khagta

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Lavina Dsouza : Continent Hop

Lavina Dsouza

If you are one among the wanderlusts looking to find a balance between regular job and travel then Lavina’s blog “Continent Hop” is an ideal destination. Synonymous with the blog title, Lavina has travelled to more than 50 countries so far and still counting. A passionate photographer, she lays utmost importance on pictures and loves telling stories on her blog. Her blog encompasses detailed itineraries of trips, reviews, guides, and captivating photographs. She also addresses and talks about the perceptions that foreigners associate about Asians while traveling in western media.

Budapest – St.Stephen’s Basilica

Top Posts:
Food From Fife
Lack Color Travel Media Blog
Things to do in Budapest

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Prasad Np : desi Traveler

Prasad NP

For those finding it hard enough to balance professional life and passion for travelling, Prasad NP is an ideal example. He is a corporate executive most of the time but dedicates his free time for travelling and sharing his travel experiences on his blog “desi traveler”. Being deemed as one of the top travel blogs in India, the blog is all about people, places, holy temples, foods, festivals, streets, and life in India. As part of his travel adventures, he travels to mountains, beaches, tourist spots, foreign countries, and offbeat travel destinations. His pictures not only depicts his visited places but also have a human element in them.

Hornbill Festival Kohima Nagaland/Village Raja Ampat Papua Indonesia

Top Posts:
Night Photography Guide For Singapore
A Visit to Arborek Tourism Village Raja Ampat Papua Indonesia
The Colors & Smiles of Hornbill Festival From My Camera

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Pratap J

Pratap J

Bengaluru based photographer, Pratap is the author of the blog “Pratap J“. An engineer by education and profession, he dedicates most of the weekends exploring popular travel destinations. He lends special focus to landscape and outdoor photography and has even travelled to every nook and corner of the country looking for ideal destinations. Besides, he leads various photography workshops and tours. Visit his photo blog to witness the fantastic pictures of travel destinations and landscapes. His portfolio encompasses his best 200 photographs across outdoor and nature, street and people and travel and architecture. Also, through the “Guides” section on his blog, Pratap offers tips, tricks, and other creative ways of photography to follow in various situations.

Ikkeri Temple/A wodden boat waits at the shore of Umiam lake

Top Posts:
Weekend Trip To Jog Falls
Monsoon In Meghalaya

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Rutavi Mehta : Photokatha

Rutavi Mehta

Rutavi Mehta shares her amazing travel stories, tips and photography on her blog “Photokatha”. The blog name translates to photo stories where she weaves stories around the captured images and presents it to the viewers. Her blog is a platform which connects brands to travel, influencers, hotels, food and places. It is a curation of stories of people that love travel and photography. Rutavi has also been the part of adventurous travel “Rickshaw Run” where she travelled to Rajasthan desert in Jaisalmer to Meghalaya hills in Shillong that spans more than 3,000 Kms.

Borobudur Temple, Java Island, Indonesia/DeadSea

Top Posts:
Gudauri-Marcopolo Hotel made us feel as family!
5 Secrets for an Amazing Family Holiday
Top Things to do in Mumbai and Pune

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Subhadip Mukherjee : Indian Vagabond

Subhadip Mukherjee

The blog “Indian Vagabond” was born out of Subhadip Mukherjee’s keen passion for photography, travelling and blogging. The blog is all about his food and travel adventures. He is an avid traveller and has travelled to various destinations across Africa, China, Europe and different states of India. Also, he documents every new cuisine that he comes across during his travels on his blog. He has also worked on various reputed brands, and his photographs have been published in reputed news dailies and magazines.

Harsil The Real Switzerland of India/Rajon Ki Baoli, Delhi

Top Posts:
Baolis (Stepwell) Of Delhi
Harsil The Real Switzerland of India
Gandikota – Travel Guide

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Upendra Swami : Vagabond Images

Upendra Swami

Upendra Swami is the brainchild behind the creation of the Indian Travel and photography blog “Vagabond Images”. His wanderlust took him to places across various regions of the country and abroad such as Asia and Europe. He was very much passionate about travel, adventure and photography. Since 2013, he has been a full-time travel writer and a photographer. Upendra offers insights of some of the exotic and luxurious cruises across the world. Apart from this, he also reviews smartphones, laptops, properties and more.

Hunder Sand Dunes/Chandratal Lake

Top Posts:
Go GOA for a Bachelorette party!
Daughter breastfeeds prisoned father and gets immortalised!
Musical Clock, Salarjung Museum

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Vj Sharma :

VJ Sharma

VJ Sharma is the founder of the blog “”, where he has been documenting his travel and life experiences, gadget reviews and technology hacks for more than a decade. He is an Adobe-certified expert in Adobe Lightroom and is also an expert trainer in photo organization and editing using Adobe Lightroom. VJ Sharma strongly promotes clean travel through his blogs and photographs. His photographs have been featured in many dailies, exhibitions, and prestigious magazines.

Krakow, Poland/Nako Lake

Top Posts:
10 Years of – An interesting Journey & some tips for new bloggers
A Major Milestone and the Journey that Led us to it
How to not quit your job and still make the most of Travel Blogging

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These blogs have been chosen based on the following criteria –
: Influence and popularity on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.
: Quality and frequency of Blogger’s blog posts.
: Web-site design and photographs quality.
: Bonusapp’s editorial team and expert review.
: Search engine reputation

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