Top 10 Solo Female Travellers – India 2018

Travelling solo is not an easy task! The idea of visiting a country or city all alone can itself be nerve-wracking. And to do it, being a female in India requires great courage and is certainly praiseworthy. Meet these female travel bloggers from India who are on a mission to demystify the taboo revolving around solo female travelling and offer inspiration to fellow travellers out there. These brave female explorers globe-trot alone and bring back some of the awe-inspiring tales. They take us to some of the unexplored offbeat places, share travel tips, mesmerise us with their captivating photographs. Relive their amazing travel adventures of these independent women who are not sheltered by the pressures of patriarchal society. We at Bonusapp indeed feel privileged to honour these fearless travel bloggers with our major award feature “Top 10 Solo Female Travellers – India 2018″. The exceptional contributions of these bloggers to solo female travel deserve equal credit, and hence we have aligned the list of awardees alphabetically.

Ami Bhat : Thrilling Travel

Ami Bhat

Once a postgraduate marketing professional by qualification, Ami Bhat is now a full-time travel writer and blogger. Her blog “Thrilling travel” is all about travel destinations, tips, and experiences. A nature enthusiast, heritage buff, an adventure adrenaline junkie, a wildlife lover, Ami takes you on a virtual journey through her words on her blog. To her credit, she has received many accolades and awards and has been mentioned in many publications and websites.

Buddha Idol, Khao Luang Cave/Kanha National Park

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Treasures of the Khao Luang Cave in Phetchaburi – Thrilling Travel
Tiger Tales from Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh – Thrilling Travel

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Amrita Das : Travelling Ides Of March

Amrita Das

Amrita is a full-time traveler, and freelance travel blogger based in India. Ever since she started her travel journey in 2014, she has been to more than 14 countries so far. Her blog “Travelling Ides of March” features tips on solo travel and solo safe destinations across the world. Through her writings, she propagates female solo travels, shares her experiences from off the beaten roads and adventure travels. Also, she offers reviews on the place, bar, hotel and so on which are an intricate part of her travel experiences.

Alte Bibliothek at Babelplatz/St. Nikolai Kirche at Nikolaiviertel

Top Posts:
Solo Destination: Berlin, Germany
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Anita Bora : Just A Little Something

Anita Bora

Based in California, the wandering soul, Anita Bora is a food, lifestyle, travel blogger, writer and passionate about traveling. On her blog “Just a Little Something” she encapsulates various topics that include the latest technology, trends, peoples, places, cultures, and experiences. Anita is most likely found outdoors indulging in some sort of activity that includes cycling, hiking, running and swimming. Her writing crux mostly involves art & culture, wining and dining and photography. She is also a great lover of wine, tea and cats, and interested in learning online trends and social networking.

Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve/San Francisco

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Adventures in India: A 12 day trip to the South
Winter destination: Manali for romance and adventure
The Terraces, Kanatal: Enjoy Himalayan views from 8500 feet

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Ankita Sinha : Anki On The Move

Ankita Sinha

Ankita Sinha left her lucrative IT career to explore India and to write travel blogs. On her blog, “Anki on the move” she takes the readers up close with the travel destinations she visits through her self-narrated videos. Apart from exploring places, people and food, Ankita offers glimpses of the fashion, fitness, and equipment during traveling, tips and videos, adventure sport and so on. Besides, the blog includes interviews of people, bloggers, event participation, extreme sports reviews, personal stories and more which she explains in a unique style.

Mamoth Hot Springs

Top Posts:
Banaras | Top 7 New Experiences You Must Have’
#Konakonakotak: The Tale Of True Puducherry
6 Things You Didn’T Know About The Charminar

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Divyakshi Gupta : Quirky Wanderer

Divyakshi Gupta

Meet Mumbai-based photographer and travel blogger Divyakshi who has a strange fascination towards Indian doors. She has a penchant for architecture and loves traveling to offbeat places, meeting new people, getting to know about new cultures. She also holds the distinction of being the first Indian travel blogger to be interviewed by Her blog “Quirky Wanderer” is filled with her personal stories of her travel life coupled with photographs of people and places. Also, the blog includes topics on lifestyle and food and reviews from technology to transport.


Top Posts:
The Magic Of Kinnaur
A Meditative Trek To Tigers Nest Monastery Bhutan
The Magic of Ladakh

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Jyotsna Ramani : Wander With Jo

Jyotsna Ramani

Jyotsna is a passionate globe-trotter, digital entrepreneur, travel blogger, and loves exploring new places. On her blog “Wander With Jo”, Jyotsna offers useful travel tips, photography tips, holiday destinations, and more. The blog was born out of her combined passions for travel and writing. It is a journal where she jots down her travel adventures. She is a self-confessed thrill seeker and uncovered some of the best water hikes, paragliding hotspots, waterfalls and more during her travel escapades.

Kuching Mosque/Fisherman’s Bastion

Top Posts:
Budapest Photo Spots
Exploring Chiang Mai
Things to do in Kuching

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Medhavi Davda : Ravenous Legs

Medhavi Davda

Medhavi Davda has a fascination for travel and adventures right from childhood ever since her first encounter with the Himalayas at the age of 16. She is an ardent adventurer, certified scuba diver, a trained dancer in various dance forms, motivational speaker to name a few. On her blog “Ravenous Legs” She crafts stories about her adventures and difficulties which she overcame on her solo backpacking trips. Further, she takes you up close with her solo adventures, various travel destinations, and also offers reviews on products and properties. Her Travelogue on Kashmir has been published as a chapter in Class 7 in NCERT syllabus.

Gadsar Lake,kashmir/Pyramids of Egypt

Top Posts:
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The hidden lakes of Kashmir
How solo driving on Indian highways and Himalayas empowers me as a woman

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Neelima Vallangi : The Wandering Soul’s Wandering Tales

Neelima Vallangi

A wandering soul, Neelima Vallangi is a freelance writer and travel photographer. On her quest for extraordinary stories, she enjoys going far off places where Google Maps fail. She ditched her career job as a software engineer mid-way to become a full-time nomad. It is her wanderlust that led her through lush forests and rivers capturing the fantastic photographs. Her blog “The Wandering Soul’s Wandering Tales” is the home to her travel adventures, exploration of offbeat places, and a lot of photo essays.

Himalaya/Orchha, Madhya Pradesh

Top Posts:
Tso Moriri Blues – Hiking The Entire Length Of Ladakh’S Stunning Lake
“Going Offbeat In Meghalaya & Learning Interesting Things
Sikkim’S Old Silk Route – How The New Kid On The Tourism Block Trampled My Expectations!

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Parnashree Devi : Travel Diary Parnashree

Parnashree Devi

The blog “Travel Diary Parnashree” encompasses all the information about destinations, culture, and lifestyle. Parnashree Devi is the author of this blog; she is a globe-trotter, travel writer, photographer, and a passionate filmmaker. Through her blog, Parnashree wishes to inspire people to come out of their comfort zone and explore the unseen and unexplored places. She lends utmost importance to storytelling and visual presentation on her blog. Besides her travel escapades, she offers in-depth reviews on product, property, restaurant, and transport.

Durbar Square of Kathmandu/Saimaa, Finland

Top Posts:
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“Once Is Not Enough”, The Photo Blog About Nepal
In The Land of Mowgli: My Safari Experience in Pench National Park

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Renuka Walter : Voyager For Life

Renuka Walter

Renuka Walter brings you all the interesting travel stories, her misadventures on the road, people she meets, various cuisines and so on through her blog “Voyager for Life”. She has traveled the length and breadth of India and also been to foreign destinations like Australia, Italy, Jordan, and Malaysia. She is a wanderlust soul who loves to discover, learn and grow. Her blog is all about her offbeat and popular travel experiences, travel tips, travel photo essays, ideas, and inspirations.


Top Posts:
Why I Like Travelling ‘Solo’
My Experience Of Travelling Alone In Kashmir
Solo Travel In India – The Realities

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: Quality and frequency of Blogger’s blog posts.
: Web-site design and photographs quality.
: Bonusapp’s editorial team and expert review.
: Search engine reputation

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