Top 20 Vegan Food Blogs Around The World – 2018

The concept of veganism has steadily picked up the pace in recent times with the growing number of people opting for a healthy plant-based diet. But the journey towards veganism can be quite tricky for a newbie as most of us are unsure of the plethora of tantalizing recipes that veganism has in store for you. If you are planning to follow a vegan lifestyle, but are hesitant how to start, then these blogs offer a perfect solution for all your queries. These vegan bloggers are on a mission to demystify the myth associated with veganism and takes us through the journey filled with delicious, yummy, healthy vegan recipes and you would soon fall head over heels with veganism! In recognition of their unparallel efforts in promoting veganism, we at Bonusapp have decided to honour these bloggers with a major award feature “Top 20 Vegan Food Blogs- 2018”. All these vegan bloggers deserve equal credit, and hence we have aligned the list of “Top 20 Vegan Food Blogs-2018” alphabetically.

Ashley Melillo : Bliss Ful Basil

Ashley Melillo

Ashley Melillo is a school psychologist, writer, photographer, plant-passionate recipe creator and author of the blog “Bliss Ful Basil”. Her diet journey from pescatarian to vegetarian to vegan is quite inspiring. Her two week trip to Ireland is a life changer after which she converted to vegetarianism from wholesome meat eater. Do check the “Pregnancy” section on her blog, to know the nitty gritty details of healthy vegan pregnancy. She is the author of the cookbook “Blissful Basil” featuring more than 100 plant-based vegan recipes, the majority of which are gluten-soya-free and also free from refined sugars.

Dill Pickle Hummus/No-Bake Vegan Berry Chia Crumble Pie/Italian Pasta Salad

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Audrey Snowe : Unconventional Baker

Audrey Snowe

Audrey Snowe is a baker, blogger, founder, and author of the blog “Unconventional Baker”. What started as a blog to document her baking experiments with alternative ingredients owing to her food sensitivities and auto-immune conditions have soon become a resource for unique vegan dessert recipes. The blog features a range of eye-catching vegan recipes to suit various nutritional needs. All her recipes are gluten-free, sugar-free, raw grain free and pretty free from allergens.

Raw Tiramisuraw/Raw Chocolate Tratufo/Peanut Butter Cake Witth a Brownie Crust

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Belinda Martinez : The White Chestnut

Belinda Martinez

Belinda Martinez owns the blog “The White Chestnut” which is home to delicious vegan recipes, healthy living, and inspiration. She also offers vegan recipes perfect for various occasions such as Autumn, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and more. Belinda is on a mission to inspire others to eat healthily and also to have fun in the kitchen.


Vegan Yogurt With Peanut Butter, Jam, Berries & Chocolate/Spirulina Protein Balls/Sweet Potato & Black Bean Burgers

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Dana : Minimalist Baker


Dana is a recipe developer, content creator and creative vision behind the vegan blog “Minimalist Baker”. A majority of her recipes are plant-based, gluten-free and fall in three categories; 30 minutes or less, 1 bowl and 10 ingredients or less. She has been in the blogging field since 2010 and is much fond of recipe experimentation and food photography. Dana also runs an online shop featuring kitchen essentials, pantry items, photography and lighting equipment and more. Further, she is also the author of two cookbooks titled “31 meals” and “Minimalist Bakers Everyday Cooking”.

Vegan Trails Mix Cookies/Spicy Jackfruit Tacos/Chocolate Chip Pan Cakes

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Em Von Euw : This Raw Some Vegan Life

Emily Von Euw

Emily Von Euw is an award-winning vegan food blogger and the vision behind the recipe blog “This Raw Some Vegan Life”. She holds the distinction of being the best-selling author for three cookbooks. She is also very passionate about baking and adapted her recipes into raw vegan ones. One of her cookbooks “Rawsome vegan baking features raw, gluten-free and vegan desserts. Her new cookbook “Rawsome Superfoods” featuring more than 100 nutrient-packed recipes is up for pre-order.

Zucchini + Chicpea Frittata/Walnut Chocolate Cake With Sweet Potato Frosting/Strawberry Coconut Smoothie With A Lil Beet

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Erin Wysocarski : Olives For Dinner

Erin Wysocarski

Erin Wysocarski is an ethical vegan, recipe developer, food stylist and is fond of creating original and delicious vegan recipes. On her blog, “Olives for Dinner” she enjoys veganizing classic comfort food with a major focus on vegan seafood and East Asian Inspired dishes. Her husband Jeff is responsible for the awesome photographs on the blog. Do visit the “Resource” section on her blog for a complete list of resources for the self-hosted website, her favourite cookbooks and blogs for vegan inspiration.

Vegan Bowl Attack/Crispy Buffalo Cauliflower Salad/Chickpea Fries With Yogurt-Tahini Sauce

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Faith VanderMolen : The Conscientious Eater

Faith VanderMolen

The blog “The Conscientious Eater” is a humble attempt by Faith VanderMolen to document her creation of simple, delicious recipes. She shares simple and easy plant-based recipes that are easy to follow and demonstrates that plant-based diet is fun and easy and also makes you feel amazing inside out. Faith’s simple homemade recipes would inspire others to take up a vegan diet and can be easily followed anywhere in the world.

Glazed Pumpkin Baked Donut Recipe /Easy Vegan Orange Tofu Recipe/Vegan Cream Cheese Stuffed Dates

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Ginny Mcmeans : Vegan In The Freezer

Ginny Mcmeans

Ginny is the recipe developer, photographer and the author behind the blog “Vegan in the Freezer”. A major portion of the blog features, gluten-free recipes, freezer friendly meals for many types of allergies and intolerances. All her recipes are easy to follow and are tried and tested in her kitchen. She also penned two cookbooks “The Make-Ahead Vegan” and another yet to be released cookbook titled “The High-Protein Vegan”.

Baked Trail Mix Cake Donuts/Vegan Apple Broccoli Salad/Garlic Hummus Stuffed Mini Bread Bowls

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Iosune Robles & Alberto Aragon : Simpleveganblog

Iosune & Alberto

Meet the Spanish vegan couple Iosune and Alberto, the architects behind the blog “Simple Vegan Blog”. Alberto is a food stylist and photographer and manages the techie and business side of blogging. On the other hand, Iosune develops recipes, write blog posts and manages social media. The blog is composed of simple, nutritious and yummy vegan recipes that help you stay healthy. A majority of the recipe index features vegan recipes which are easy to prepare with simple ingredients and can be made in 30 minutes or less.

Vegan Hasselback Potatoes/Vegan Chorizo & Potato Tacos/Vegan Mint Chocolate Ice Cream

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Jackie Sobon : Vegan Yack Attack

Jackie Sobon

Jackie Sobon is a food photographer, recipe developer, and blogger at vegan food blog “Vegan Yack Attack”. The blog features everything from indulgent desserts, to healthy dinners and raw recipes. Jackie always enjoys coming up with new and delicious recipes but also loves making them for others. Also, as part of book tour dates, she offers book signings, cooking demos, and various seminars.

Kabocha Squash Feta Salad/Instant Pot Tomato Bisque From Scratch/Brussels Sprout Butternut Squash Salad With Creamy Dressing

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Jenn Sebestyen : Veggie Inspired

Jenn Sebestyen

Jenn Sebestyen is a plant-based recipe creator, photographer and food blogger at “Veggie Inspired”. She is an avid reader and reads cookbooks like novels. Further, she loves experimenting in the kitchen and casts her spin of standard American favourites to make them healthier. Jenn develops quick and easy plant-based health recipes and posts them on her blog accompanied by captivating photographs.

Oil-Free Coconut Chia Granola/Creamy Balsamic Summer Pasta Salad/Veggie Potato Fritters

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Kate Jenkins : VeguKate

Kate Jenkins

Kate is the architect behind the blog “VeguKate”. She is a writer, photographer, healthy foodie, and holds a masters degree in Nutrition. Besides, she has an immense passion for real whole foods. Through her blog, she inspires the readers to lead a healthier, happier, and delicious vegan lifestyle. She lends utmost importance to the ingredients; browse the section “Ingredients” on her blog and check her elusive list of some of her favourite plant-based ingredients to incorporate into your wholesome lifestyle.

Cashew & Pumpkin Seed Milk With Chia Pudding/Spicy Black Bean Tacos With Jicama Mango Slaw/Curry Cauliflower Fried Rice With Roasted Chickpeas

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Lisa Le : The Viet Vegan

Lisa Le

Lisa Le is a vegan, feminist, nerd, photographer and proud owner of the vegan blog “The Viet Vegan”. Apart from the regular recipe index, her blog is composed vegan, gluten-free and Vietnamese recipes. Make sure to visit the “Tutorials” section featuring Blog design series where Lisa enlightens you everything from basics to nitty-gritty of blogging. Furthermore, she is very much obsessed with food and photography.

Strawberry Raspberry Popsicles/Vegan Pumpkin Pie/Vietnamese Vegetarian Steamed Rice Rolls

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Marly : Namely Marly


If you are yearning for a vegan diet and looking for an affordable, tasty and easily accessible, healthy vegan recipes, then pay a visit to the blog “Namely Marly”. Most of the recipes on the blog are targeted towards transitioning, secular vegan diet. The duo couple of Marly and Shawn are the founders of the blog. Marly is the creator and publisher of the blog; she is a blogger, freelance writer, and also the founder of “chopped conference” that provides both in person and offline resources for food bloggers. Shawn happens to be the photographer, website developer and graphic designer of the blog.

Best Pancakes Without Eggs/Sweet Potato Black Bean Burgers (Vegan, Gf)/Vegan Chocolate Glazed Donuts With Sprinkles

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Nada E : One Arab Vegan


Nada originally hails from Egypt, but now lives in Abu Dhabi; she has been vegan for the past seven years. Besides, she is a health and fitness enthusiast, amateur chef and an animal lover. Through her blog “One Arab Vegan”, she aims to create traditional delicious, nutrient-packed plant-based foods inspired by middle eastern flavours. Nada shares her vegan journey within a culture that is less favoured towards veganism on her blog. Apart from this, she shares her fitness as well as occasional musings and tips on leading a vegan lifestyle.

Vegan Cheese Samboosa/Quinoa Confetti Salad/Sweet Potato Chickpea Coconut Curry

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Sarah De La Cruz : Fried Dandelions

Sarah De La Cruz

The blog “Fried Dandelions” is a collage of kid tested, family friendly and allergy safe vegan recipes. Sarah De La Cruz started the blog as a means to document the changes that she makes in her recipes as she constantly keeps on modifying them. Her husband has been instrumental in setting and running of the blog. It has been four years now since the inception of the blog, but still, she loves sharing her recipes and show non-vegans the delicious side of vegan food.

Olive Tapenade/Cranberry Salsa For Christmas/Vegan Dirt Cups

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Sina Weber : Vegan Heaven

Sina Weber

Sina Weber turned to vegan about six years ago, and she quickly developed a passion for creating new vegan recipes. Her blog “Vegan Heaven” is the destination for heavenly simple and sinfully delicious vegan recipes. She adores cooking plant-based whole food meals made with fresh ingredients. Sina’s “vegan 101 guide” comes in handy for newbies looking for vegan inspiration. She is an avid traveler and loves to travel around the world with her husband; she also offers tips on vegan traveling.

Southwestaarn Pasta Salad/Cauliflower Buffalo Wings With Vegan Ranch Dip/Vegan Donuts With Chocolate Glaze

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Sophia : Veggies Dont Bite


Sophia creates plant-based, gluten-free and refined sugar-free recipes on her blog “Veggies Don’t Bite”. She employs whole food ingredients to create plant-based recipes and changes our perception of healthy food. She wanted to prove to the world that healthy recipes can be not only delicious but also stress-free for the whole family. Sophia has a dedicated section titled “Babies and Kids” which is composed of recipes featuring baby and kid-friendly vegan food.

Vegan Gluten-Free Lemon Ricotta Pancakes/Green Mac & Cheese/Vegan Bbq Tempeh Sandwich

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Talida : Hazel & Cacao


Talida owns the blog “Hazel & Cacao”, where she shares lots of simple and delicious health-promoting recipes that include plant-based foods and healthy desserts. The blog is the home to raw vegan desserts and other healthy sugar-free treats. A significant chunk of her recipes is focussed towards hormonal health, mental health, mum health and nutrition. Also, on her blog, you can come across her health struggles and other things she learned along the way.

Vegan Chocolate & Strawberry Custard Tart/Raw Vegan Blueberry & Lemon Cheesecake Tarts With Blueberry Chia Jam/Raw Vegan Raspberry Chocolate Brownies

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Vanessa Croessmann : Vegan Family Recipes

Vanessa Croessmann

The blog “Vegan Family Recipes” is the output of Vanessa Croessmann’s combined passions for cooking and food photography. Her major focus lies in creating easy, healthy family-friendly recipes. Her blog is a rich source for vegan appetizers, entree recipes, dessert recipes, sides recipes, kid-friendly recipes, and allergy friendly foods. She is also the author of the cookbook “Awesome Vegan Soups” that features 80 healthy, wholesome vegan soups.

Vegan Raspberry Cheesecake/Chocolate Vegan Crepes Recipe/Red Lentil Chili Recipe

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These blogs have been chosen based on the following criteria –

: Presentation & Styling skills for recipes.
: Bonusapp’s editorial team and expert review.
: Quality and frequency of Blogger’s recipe blog posts.
: Influence and popularity on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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