Top 10 Indian Parenting Blogs – 2018

Parenting the kids can be a daunting task these days for busy moms owing to their hectic lifestyles. Blogging offers its fair share of challenges and to do it being a mom is not an easy road. But these bloggers have defied all the odds and managed to strike a balance between parenting and blogging. Choosing these top 10 blogs from the plethora of parenting blogs is a herculean task. However, we are glad that we were able to make it! These bloggers offer tons of invaluable information based on their expertise over a range of topics starting from pregnancy to feeding and raising babies, toddlers, kids and more. Their unique and creative content coupled with their evocative writing are the prime factors for featuring them in our elite list. In the purview of their outstanding contributions to parenthood, it is our privilege to honour these bloggers with our major award feature “Top 10 Parenting Blogs-2018”. We at Bonusapp have aligned the list of awardees alphabetically instead of any criteria-based ranking.

Anubhuti Seth Mehn : Criesnlaughter

Anubhuti Seth Mehn

Anubhuti Seth Mehn founded the blog “Criesnlaughter” at a time when she was a new Stay-at-home mom (SAHM) and struggling to fit into the role of a mom. The blog is the source to all the things related to motherhood. On her blog, Anubhuti enlightens moms with ideas, tips and strategies for making their kiddos life a little better. Also, she scribbles about mom life filled with fun, her travel tales and more. Apart from it, she offers unbiased and honest reviews about various baby care products.

Screenshot of Criesnlaughter

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Ekta Chawla : Confused parent

Ekta Chawla

Ekta Chawla is a baker-turned social media specialist and author of the blog “Confused Parent”. Her blog serves a platform for parents to interact with experts in the field of doctors, baby care, dieticians and other parents offering solutions to a whole lot of unanswered questions and queries. The blog features all the information about the best maternity hospitals & gynaecologists, best pre-schools & schools, best fun places to visit with your kids, maternity & baby photographers across cities according to experts & other parent’s experiences.

Screenshot of Confused Parent

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Minakshi Bajpai : Mommy’s Timeline

Minakshi Bajpai

“Mommy’s Timeline” is the creation of Minakshi Bajpai and offers ways for other mothers to deal with their kids in the best possible way. Besides, she shares her experiences about pregnancy, health and fitness, beauty-fashion and mom style. Browse through the “lifestyle” section on her blog, where she shares valuable insights about travelling with kids, honest reviews on various products and a slice of fiction.


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Preetjyot K. Mehra : My Little Muffin

Preetjyot K. Mehra

Preetjyot K. Mehra worked for seven years as a lead cabin attendant but gave up her profession to cherish the experience of motherhood. She founded the blog “My Little Muffin” in 2015, to make most of the leftover free time after spending quality time with her baby. The blog is one place where you can find all the information related to pregnancy, parenting, homemaking and more. She firmly believes in breaking the stereotype ways of parenting. Preetjyot along with her kids lives the life to the fullest savouring every moment that comes across their way.

Screenshot of My Little Muffin

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Prerna Sinha : Maa Of All Blogs

Prerna Sinha

As the name indicates, the blog “Maa Of All Blogs” is the ultimate guide for all the mom’s looking for life beyond parenting. The blog is a platform where Prerna Sinha shares her experiences as a mom and as a woman. She blogs about the confluence of motherhood and her various passions such as travel, fashion, beauty, fitness and shopping. Through “Maa Of All Blogs”, she hopes to inspire moms to think of themselves as individuals and go beyond motherhood.

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Priya Sachan : Shishuworld

Priya Sachan

Priya Sachan is a former techie who gave up her profession to look after her daughter. She is the founder and author of the top parenting website “Shishuworld”. Within a short time, the blog has witnessed tremendous success and has become the destination for expectant, new parents looking for parenting the Indian way. The blog features a whole lot of content regarding pregnancy care, newborn care, rhymes & stories, forgotten home remedies, food charts and recipes for babies, toddlers, and kids.

Screenshot of Shishuworld

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Rachna Parmar : Rachna Says

Rachna Parmar

You are sure to run out of adjectives when it comes to describing Rachna Parmar of the blog “Rachna Says”. She is a brand management professional turned writer, enthusiast cook, Yoga enthusiast, fitness freak, freelance content writer and an entrepreneur. Since its inception a decade ago, the blog received many accolades and had been mentioned in many prestigious portals, newspapers and magazines. On her blog, Rachna wholeheartedly shares her parenting journey, thoughts on relationships and feminism. The blog also features Rachna’s tales about health and fitness, social causes, travel and reviews.

Screenshot of Rachna Says

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Sangeetha Menon : Bumps n Baby

Sangeetha Menon

Sangeetha Menon offers comprehensive information on motherhood and child-care through her blog “Bumps n Babys” with a motto to simplify the parenting phase. She chronicles her expertise across a wide range of topics that include product reviews, fitness, diet, nutrition, baby food recipes, working mom concerns and more. Visit her online store “Bumps n Babys” for the best products related to baby care, mom care and also recipe EBooks.

Screenshot of Bumps n Baby

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Shubhada Bhide : Rainbow Diaries

Shubhada Bhide

Singapore-based Shubhada Bhide is the brainchild of the lifestyle, food and parenting blog “Rainbow Diaries”. The blog is a collage of collaborations, giveaways, product/service reviews, kids activities, travel, beauty, events and more. She also offers a glimpse of her staycations, and in-depth reviews of hotels, food and restaurants. Further, she captures the mundane and meaningful moments of her family using Lomography.

Screenshot of RainbowDiaries

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Vaishali Sudan Sharma : The Champa Tree

Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Relish the joy of parenting by paying a visit to the blog ‘The Champa Tree” of Vaishali Sudan Sharma. The blog is all about motherhood, parenting tips, baby tips and childcare. Also, you can find arts and craft ideas and activities for kids, quick, healthy recipes, beauty product reviews and so on. She is also the recipient of many prestigious blogger awards and nominations. Through her blog, Vaishali offers solutions to even those questions which are deemed to be too silly by parents.

Screenshot of TheChampaTree


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These blogs have been chosen based on the following criteria –

: Quality and frequency of Blogger’s blog posts.
: Influence and popularity on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.
: Web-site design and photographs quality.
: Bonusapp’s editorial team and expert review.

Final Order of the bloggers in the post is based on the performance on these criteria.

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