Top 20 Versatile Fashion Bloggers – India 2018

Every one wishes to stay up-to-date with the latest fashion, but at the same time, it should not burn a hole in your pocket. These versatile fashion bloggers are at the forefront and always up to date with the latest fashion trends. Be it fashion tips, beauty, or lifestyle, they have succeeded in establishing a distinct identity and are a true testimony of versatility. We at Bonusapp have decided to honour such versatile fashion bloggers who shared their creativity with the fellow fashion community. Their work deserves utmost credit, and it did not pander to any particular style or trend and was global in its appeal. So, these bloggers are the ideal choice for our major award feature “Top 20 Versatile Fashion Bloggers”. We have aligned these blogs alphabetically and rather than assigning any criteria- based ranking.

Aayushi Bangur Sahu : STYLDRV

Aayushi Bangur Sahu

Aayushi Bangur Sahu is the face of the personal fashion blog “STYLDRV” that encompasses current trends, product reviews and styling ideas. She loves to share her personal experiences and opinions on various facets like fashion, food adventures or travel excursions. She showcases different styles for different occasions and fashion trends that can be adopted by women of all age groups. The striking photos and videos on her blog undoubtedly standout and the credit goes to her better half Smaran Sahu who happens to be the photographer of the blog. Aayushi enjoys the art of styling and embellishing, mixing and matching, juxtaposing and merging things, and elements of fashion to create masterpieces in the simplest ways.

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Aditi Parashar : Ertsy – Erubescent Ecstasy

Aditi Parashar

Aditi Parashar mostly writes about travel and fashion, apart from occasional entertainment banter on her blog “Ertsy – Erubescent Ecstasy”. The blog captures the essence of everything in and around travel and lifestyle but with an eye for fashion. Visit Ertsy-Growth to draw inspiration from the entrepreneurs as they offer deep insights into self-enhancement, mental health and financial management. Also at Ertsy, you get the dose of unconventional body styling, luxurious lifestyle, organic content, life hacks and more.

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Amrita Chhabra : Amy Chhabra

Amrita Chhabra

Amrita Chhabra gave up her plush career as an interior designer at her own company (Lush Interiors) to pursue her passion and love for blogging. She has an undeniable love for travelling and fashion and offers a helping hand with her expertise in her area of knowledge. She updates her blog “Amy Chhabra” regularly and lives by 3C’s-content, connectivity and consistency.

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Ananya Upadhyay : Tumbling Closet

Ananya Upadhyay

Ananya Upadhyay’s blog “Tumbling Closet” features sartorial experiments, lifestyle, travel, and a bit of random rambling. She started the blog to share her sartorial experiments with like-minded people and create a community of fellow fashion lovers. The blog also serves as an outlet for creative passion. On her blog, you can find creativity in everything ranging from outfits, post-production, location, creative direction, write-ups and more.

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Ashni Mehta : With Love Ashni

Ashni Mehta

Born and brought up in the empire state, New York, Ashni wears many different hats. She is a digital marketing maven, social justice advocate, brand strategist, professional dancer, feminist, and fashionista. She loves travelling and has been to 25 countries on 4 continents so far. Her blog, “With love Ashni” is the one-stop shop for the modern South Asian woman to find the latest trends, challenge traditions, and empower one another.

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Ashwini KN : That Elegant Chi

Ashwini KN

Ashwini KN is a software engineer by profession, fitness enthusiast, series junkie and blogs on fitness, fashion and beauty on her blog “That Elegant Chic”. Through the blog, she intends to bring fitness and style to every woman who believes in feeling good inside out. It is also a way of reaching out to all the girls who love to dress up and style. Pay a visit to the “DIY” section on her blog to witness her recipes, tips about skin care and hair care.

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Clara Gomes : Beautifully Me

Clara Gomes

Clara Gomes is the author of the blog “Beautifully Me”. She blogs majorly about fashion, travel and beauty. When it comes to fashion, comfort is her utmost priority. She doesn’t pay much attention to the expectation of the universal concept of fashion and simply wears outfits that she wanted. Apart from lifestyle, she has other sections such as food, skin care, women empowerment, travel and little fashion adding a hinge of versatility.

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Deepali Soni : Deesayz

Deepali Soni

Deepali Soni is the brainchild of “DeeSayz” a fashion and street style blog. She created the personalised fashion blog with a motive to share her experiences and educate the world about inner nuances of fashion. It led to the birth of the blog with a major focus on fashion tips, runaway ideas, contemporary styling ideas, design inspiration, street style, beauty hacks and lifestyle updates. Also, Deepali has excellent knowledge about interior designing and offers seasonal decor trends update, creative decorating tips and even the latest in art and design.

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Deepti Chandak : Jivewithdeepti

Deepti Chandak

The versatile blog “Jivewithdeepti” is a one-stop destination for fashion, travel and lifestyle. Having spent a decade living in Dubai, Deepti Chandak started the blog to chronicle her experiences and varied perspectives in the middle east with her fellow residents in the region. Over time, she expanded her portfolio and now offers travel diary, restaurant and film reviews, and also events. Owing to the tremendous response, she even expanded the operations to new regions. Further, Deepti loves travelling and exploring new places.

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Himani Arora : Lampro Bites

Himani Arora

Himani Arora is on a mission to inspire people about fashion, lifestyle, food, beauty and travel through her blog “Lampro Bites” . She chose fashion as a medium to showcase her creative side and share her opinions. Himani likes to give details of her outfits by carrying with some add-ons such as earrings. An avid traveller by the passion she has been to the various regions of the country and abroad. She advocates everyone to dress as per their mood and satisfaction.

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Ipsa Gupta : Ipsa Gupta

Ipsa Gupta

Ipsa Gupta is a Gurugram based fashion and lifestyle blogger and author of the versatile fashion blog “Ipsa Gupta”. All the styles she curates is for every girl who wants to look her best and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. She handles multiple roles with ease; she is a content creator, photographer, stylist, and editor. To her credit, she completed graduation with two different degrees one in Honors and the other in fashion designing.

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Kratika Chauhan : A Restless Mind

Kratika Chauhan

The blog “A Restless Mind” is a 5 in 1 venture; it features fashion, lifestyle, food, DIY and travel with a focus on hidden Indian treasures, latest fashion trends, creative ideas, and an effortless way to lead a healthy lifestyle. The blog is a resource for those that crave for a beautiful life without fashion resources. Kratika Chauhan is the author of this blog and scribbles about her travel bucket list, personal grooming hacks, fashion ideas and inspirations.

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Megha Ray : The Good Life with Megha Ray

Megha Ray

Fashion has always held a special place in Megha Ray’s life. No matter what role she is playing – she would always want to dress right for the occasion. Her blog “The Good Life with Megha Ray” as the name suggests, is her endeavour to live a good life through the variety of experiences life has to offer. She also runs an online store “kray” that contains the curated collections of men’s, women’s and kids apparels, home decor and more. Megha is also a dancer, social media influencer and does what it takes to lead a good life. She believes that a good lifestyle is an output of dedicated self-care of the mind and body.

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Namrata Kumari : My Closet Diary

Namrata Kumari

Namrata Kumari is a fashion, lifestyle and beauty enthusiast based in Bengaluru. She aspires to pursue her passion along with making a living and begun the journey as a fashion and a lifestyle influencer. She loves wearing any outfit such as dresses, jeans, skirts or sarees, that flatter the inner beauty of women. Her blog “My Closet Diary” is all about Namrata’s inclination towards Indian street and timeless style. On her blog, she shares her take on fashion that would look good on anyone without burning a hole in the pocket.

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Nitika Bhatia : The Shopaholic Diaries

Nitika Bhatia

The blog “The Shopaholic Diaries” is one place where Nitika Bhatia shares her passion and love for fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and shopping with her fellow fashionistas. According to Nitika, fashion is a state of mind, and her fashion funda has always been to be comfortable in her skin. During the initial stages of the inception of the blog, she used to write solely about her online shopping experiences. But now she covers personal style, fashion trends, best places/websites to shop from, beauty products, tips and tricks, reviews and more.

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Pooja Amritkar : Woman On Rampage

Pooja Amritkar

Pooja Amritkar’s “Woman On Rampage” is all about beauty, fashion, and style. She is a fashion blogger and hails from the beautiful city, Mumbai. She describes herself as a mix of wacky and nerdy. She constantly jumbles between work and photoshoots and her messed up personal life. Through her blog, Pooja wanted to share her knowledge with the broader audience. The blog is her creative platform where she offers style hacks, tips, and more.

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Priyanka Shinde Nair : Petals Of Beauty

Priyanka Shinde Nair

Priyanka Shinde Nair is the author and editor of the blog “Petals of beauty” which was founded in 2015. The blog is a reflection of her love for beauty and fashion. You can find product launches, reviews, fashion updates, skin care, DIY’s, beauty, recipes, makeup and a lot more on her blog.

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Shivali Chauhan : Classifiedbird

Shivali Chauhan

One can create wonders with dedication and passion and Shivali Chauhan’s blog “Classifiedbird” is a true testimony of that!. She is continuously experimenting; she holds a graduate degree in science, post graduation in marketing and now she is into blogging. But, fashion is the one thing that keeps her inspiring all the time. Before adopting any trend, she keeps in mind her body type and comfort. To stay updated with the latest national and International fashion, she has a liking for all the fashion magazines.

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Shivangi Kumar : Spoiled By Style

Shivangi Kumar

Shivangi Kumar is an IT professional and bored of the regular 9 to 5 job; she started the versatile fashion blog “Spoiled by Style” to bring out the creative side in herself. Hailing from the beautiful city of Chandigarh, she offers sustainable fashion tips, home care from tip to toe and travel stories coming from her heart. A big-time dog lover, she dedicates a major space of her Instagram space to dogs rather than celebrities or her friends.

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Sonal Agrawal : PinkPepperCorn

Sonal Agrawal

Sonal Agrawal is a fashion and lifestyle blogger, social media influencer and blogs at “PinkPepperCorn”. The blog is one place where she talks about fashion that is inspired by her travel experiences, mythology, stories, different cultures and so on. She left her plush career as a marketing consultant to pursue the passion of blogging full time. Apart from the regular fashion and lifestyle stuff, she offers various tips and tutorials, and also vlogs on events, travel and other interesting happenings.

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These blogs have been chosen based on the following criteria –
: Influence and popularity on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.
: Quality and frequency of Blogger’s blog posts.
: Web-site design and photographs quality.
: Bonusapp’s editorial team and expert review.

Final Order of the bloggers in the post is based on the performance on these criteria.

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