Top 20 U.S. Food Influencers – 2018

When it comes to food, U.S. takes centre stage with its culturally diverse cuisine offerings. In today’s digital world, people often turn up to online resources for culinary inspiration. It is where food bloggers and influencers come into the picture. With a tremendous social media following behind their back, the food influencers dish out recipes and tips and are able to influence individuals in their buying and eating choices. Their clear depiction of the recipes bundled with eye-candid photographs leaves one drooling for more! In our quest to choose the best U.S. food influencers, we came across these few bloggers who through their neverending zeal and passion for cooking have taken food blogging to new heights. So, we at Bonusapp have made it a point to honour these food bloggers with our major award feature “Top 20 U.S. food influencers – 2018. All these bloggers deserve equal credit for their efforts and hence we have aligned these bloggers alphabetically.

Amanda & Marc Garfinkle : A Whole Some New World


The husband-wife duo Marc and Amanda are the architects of the blog “A Wholesome New World”. The blog is the couple’s wholehearted approach to cooking and life. A major portion of the blog features date night and family recipes. The duo also runs a section by the name “Theme Menus”, wherein you can come across recipes suited to various occasions.


Scallops & Cauliflower with Lemon Basil Sauce/Spring Green Menemen/Flower Apple Pie

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Alica : Alica’s Pepperpot


The blog “Alicia’s PepperPot” is all about documenting traditional family heirloom recipes, culture and snippets of Alicia’s life. Being an Indo-Caribbean, she wants her blog to serve as a source for younger generations to know about the food that influenced the Caribbean immigrants and descendants. The blog features a wide range of recipes ranging from traditional and sentimental to modern and fun. Apart from this, the blog also includes recipes found at West Indies/Caribbean gatherings.

Red Velvet Pancakes/Easy Creamy Baked Ziti/Milk Powder Peda

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Alice Choi : HipFoodieMom

Alice Choi

Alice Choi’s “HipFoodieMom” features delicious easy to make vegetarian, Asian inspired dishes and meat recipes using fresh ingredients. She wears many hats; she is a wife, mom, former advertising and marketing professional and also holds a degree in culinary nutrition. Alice is fond of buying and cooking with fresh ingredients sourced from the local farmers market. Further, she always employs seasonal fruits and vegetables in her recipes.

Avocado Tofu Veggie Hand Rolls/Easy Weeknight Pasta /Orecchiette with Corn & Spinach

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Ally Milligan : Loveleaf

Ally Milligan

Ally Milligan is the brainchild behind the creation of the blog “Loveleaf”. On her blog, she offers simple meal plans and easy recipes to lead the healthiest life. Her detailed description of the recipes coupled with awesome food photography etches long-lasting memories. Browse through the category “Shop” on her blog to get to know about her favourite kitchen tools, pantry, organic spices, and wellness essentials.

Kale Tahini Caesar Salad /Blueberry Pie Chia Parfaits/Roasted Butternut Squash Bowls

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Arlene Mobley : Flour On My Face

Arlene Mobley

Arlene Mobley is the proud owner of food and lifestyle blog “Flour On My Face”.The blog offers meal planning ideas for busy families with hectic lifestyles. The category “Crock Pot recipes” provide the perfect solution for busy families and feature some of the easiest recipes. Also, by following some of the easy methods that Arlene shares for meal planning, freezer meals, canning recipes, a busy family can gain control of the dinner time.

Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies/Patriotic Red White Blue Sangria /Million Dollar Pie

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Aubrie Cornelius : The Blonde Chef

Aubrie Cornelius

Aubrie Cornelius’s blog “The Blonde Chef” is all about creating dedicated and delicious recipes for the friends and families to share. She created the blog to share her two passions; food and photography. Being a part of a large family, Aubrie knows the importance of fresh, healthy food in the diet. The blog is filled with healthy, multi-cultural, sweet and lip-smacking good recipes.

Turkey, Mozzarella & Rice Stuffed Heirloom Tomatoes/On-the-go Breakfast Bar/Mixed Berry Popsicles

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Erin & Shannon : Simple Sweet & Savory

Erin & Shannon

Meet the talented sisters, Erin and Shannon, who are the authors of the blog “Simple Sweet & Savory”. The duo ventured into blogging to share concocting delicious eats and sweets with their families and readers. Erin is a marketing communications manager and passionate about writing and cooking. Shannon is a baking and event planning expert and owns the catering company “Chocolate Moose”.

Cherry Limeade/Toasted Coconut Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies/Beef Lo Mein

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Erin Berdan : White Plate Blank Slate

Erin Berdan

The blog “White Plate Blank Slate” is the masterpiece of Erin Berdan, a working mom, food blogger and a chef in her kitchen. The blog is composed of lots of easy, healthy recipes that your family would love. All her recipes are approachable and delicious. She loves to spend time in the kitchen trying new recipes or adding new twists to old favourites.


Pasta With Asparagus And Grilled Shrimp/Bok Choy Salad/Brown Butter Cherry Tart

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Inger Wilkerson : Art Of Natural Living

Inger Wilkerson

Inger Wilkerson owns the blog “Art of Natural Living” where she pens about practical ways to bring healthy cooking and green living into the daily life. She always advocates to prepare and eat local organic food by growing fruits and veggies. She is fond of gardening and offers insights about good gardening practices. Apart from this, Inger also offers food tips, food and restaurant reviews and even money saving tips.

Seven Layer Fruit Salad /Original Betty Crocker French Apple Pie/Southwest Pumpkin Black Bean Soup

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Julie & Debbie : Cooks with Cocktails

Julie & Debbie

After a busy days schedule, it becomes quite hectic to meet the challenge of preparing a nightly dinner. If you are one among them, looking for the solution to the challenge of making dinner, then you are the right place. Julie and Debbie’s “Cooks with Cocktails” offer recipes that strike a perfect balance between the taste and health. Apart from offering trustworthy recipes, the duo also shares useful tools and how to tips for drawing kitchen inspiration.

Dutch Oven Pulled Pork Tacos /Blueberry & Brie Stuffed Turkey Wellington/Seafood Stew in a Garlicy White Wine & Saffron Broth

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Justin McChesney-Wachs : Salt Pepper Skillet

Justin McChesney-Wachs

Justin McChesney-Wachs is a passionate food blogger, recipe developer, and professional food photographer with much focus on seasonal recipes & techniques for the minimalist kitchen on his blog “Salt Pepper Skillet”. All his recipes can be made under 30 minutes with minimal fresh, seasonal and healthy ingredients. You will be awestruck by his immaculate food photography skills that augment the natural beauty of the recipes. Visit the “Travel” section on his blog as Justin offers documentaries of his travel stories coupled with culinary experiences.

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream/One-Skillet Bratwurst + Caramelized Onions/Crispy Carnitas Tacos

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Kristen Link : WellnessByKristen

Kristen Link

Kristen Link is a personal chef, blogger, recipe developer and has been passionate about cooking right from her childhood. She left her full-time position in digital advertising to pursue health coaching and to cook full time. Kristen hopes to help others rediscover health and happiness through food via health coaching practice and her blog “Wellness by Kristen”. She is also the author of the cookbook “Simply Summer” where she shares simple and fuss-free recipes featuring fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

Tahini & Chocolate Greek Yogurt Tart/Raw Summer Tomato Sauce/Apricot & Pistachio Chicken Paillard

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Mandy Bird : Mandy’s Recipe Box

Mandy Bird

Mandy Bird is a food blogger and the creator of delicious and straightforward mouthwatering recipes that everyone would love. According to her, food is not just a fuel, but an experience. All her recipes on the blog “Mandy’s Recipe Box” are easy to make and do not warrant the use of any special ingredients. For those looking for assistance in creating a blog, do visit “How To Start A Blog” section as Mandy offers clear step-by-step instructions right from the beginning to the end.

Cheesy Bacon Crescent Rolls/Baked Oatmeal/Favorite Waffles

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Rachel Pattison Winkler : Little Chef Big Appetite

Rachel Pattison Winkler

The blog “Little Chef Big Appetite” was born out of Rachel Pattison Winkler’s true passion for food. It was in her sophomore year of college that she learned her culinary skills. In a nutshell, her blog is all about healthy recipes, kitchen tips and tricks, and her travel adventures. Also, she offers tips and tricks that come in handy for those looking to eat healthier and save money.

Gluten-Free Apple Honey Cake/Chicken Tikka Masala/Pesto Salmon Pasta with Peas

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Renee Fuentes : Thai Caliente

Renee Fuentes

If you are looking for delicious flavour-packed Thai and Mexican recipes, then do visit the blog “Thai Caliente” owned by Renee Fuentes. Through her blog, she depicts how easy it is to recreate restaurant favourites with minimum fuss. She is well aware of the challenges associated with making a home cooked meal, and hence she tries to keep her recipes quick and easy to make. Renee further makes sure that a major chunk of her recipes incorporate a healthier swap from their traditional ingredients.

Ingredient Zucchini Chicken Enchiladas/Thai Beef Basil/Grilled Cilantro Lime Chicken

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Tina Brown : Monday Is MeatLoaf

Tina Brown

The blog “Monday is Meatloaf” is one place where Tina Brown helps you plan family meals, cook great tasting food and find a lot of wonderful recipes. She continually craves to feed her family with nutritious and delicious meals each day of the week. For Tina, cooking, writing and photography are close to her heart. Through her blog, she aims to make your life easier through weeknight meal planning or have fun cooking on the weekend. The blog is an excellent resource for novice and great cooks to find recipes with instructions.

Incredible Healthy Smoked Salmon/Golden Oreo Chocolate Chip Cheesecake/Instant Pot Omelette Bites

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Tori Belle : Gringalicious

Tori Belle

Tori Belle’s passion for food, travel, photography and fitness led her to create the blog “Gringalicious”. According to her, the food is a universal fuel that connects all sentient beings and a way of sharing love and joy with the people we love. The blog is a virtual platform where she showcases her culinary skills and a creative outlet to share her recipes.


Double Chocolate Chip Almond Flour Cookies/Rainbow Veggie Hummus Pizza/Goji Berry Banana Chia Breakfast Jars

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Traci York : Vanilla And Bean

Traci York

Traci York started the blog “Vanilla And Bean” to express her creativity and love for delicious food through photography and writing. Leaving behind a vast experience of 9 years in teaching, Traci decided to chase her passion for cooking. Her transition from a meat-centric diet to a vegetarian lifestyle is challenging and inspirational. It is during this period, did she realize the importance of consuming whole, plant-centred food. With her latest conversion to a gluten-free lifestyle, watch out the space for more gluten recipes and further explore the blog for tips and tricks for proper baking.

Homemade Espresso Brownies/Blueberry-Rhubarb Pie Ice Cream Parfaits/Grilled Bbq Tofu Vegetable Kebabs

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Ubaid & Safura : JAX Vegan Couple

Ubaid & Safura

The blog “JAX Vegan Couple” features a bountiful of daily vegan recipes and inspires people to lead a healthy nutritious eating lifestyle. The husband-wife duo of Ubaid and Safura are the creative vision behind the blog and have been following a vegan diet for the past ten years. The blog features a myriad of dishes ranging from Indian/Fusion to sandwiches, lentils & grains to smoothies & salads. Further, there is also a “Resources” section offering healthy tips, video clips & articles from famous doctors, nutritionists and holistic health providers.

Thai Cauliflower Coconut Curry/Veggie & Fruits Power Smoothie/Moroccan Spiced Whole Roasted Cauliflower, Carrots, Beets & Sweet Potatoes

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Vikram Bapat : BreakingNaan

Vikram Bapat

The blog “BreakingNaan” is the ideal destination for those looking to learn about local ingredients, modern techniques, and attractive plating applied to traditional Indian recipes. The blog is an outcome of the Vikram Bapat’s passion for food. It is composed of contemporary perspectives of Indian recipes using local and seasonal ingredients. Also, the blog features fundamental recipes and techniques that help master some Indian recipes for those that are new to Indian cuisine.

Kesar Pista Lassi/Aloo Jeera Hari Mirch/Chioggia and Golden Beets Salad with Pistachio-Cardamom Dirt, Almond Butter & Garden Shoots

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These blogs have been chosen based on the following criteria –

: Presentation & Styling skills for recipes.
: Bonusapp’s editorial team and expert review.
: Quality and frequency of Blogger’s recipe blog posts.
: Influence and popularity on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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