Top 10 Kid-Friendly Food Blogs – India 2018

Only a mother knows how difficult it is to feed her kids. Be it feeding a month’s old baby, toddler or kids, it is hectic to please their taste buds and get them eating. It becomes quite tricky when it comes to kids recipes because unlike normal recipes they must be fun, exciting and make the kids smile. At the same time, the recipe should not be devoid of health and nutrition quotient which is critical for healthy growth and development of kids. To assist you to find the right blogs with kid-friendly recipes, we at Bonusapp have selected these bloggers for the major award feature “Top 10 Kid-Friendly Food Blogs – 2018”. Although the kid-friendly food bloggers have their own individual approach, they all carry the same mission, i.e. to get your kids to eat nourishing, healthy, and delicious food. All these bloggers have contributed equally in popularising kid-friendly recipes. Hence, we have aligned the list of “Top 10 Kid-Friendly Food Blogs – 2018” alphabetically instead of assigning any criteria-based ranking.

Aarthi Satheesh : Yummy Tummy

Aarthi Satheesh

Aarthi Satheesh quit her job to pursue her passion for cooking and dedicate much focus to the blog “Yummy Tummy”. Her blog is filled with vegetarian, non-vegetarian dishes, South Indian, North Indian, Summer, Kuzhambu recipes and more. She also offers healthy, Instant and nutritious recipes for baby, toddler and kids. Also, you can come across a lot of kids related stuff like lunch box ideas, summer vacation ideas and craft ideas. Her clear description of the recipes accompanied by step-by-step pictures is a blessing in disguise for newbies out there! Aarthi also runs a Tamil and English YouTube channels where she posts videos of the recipes and has a healthy number of followers.

Chicken Dum Biryani/Tinker Bell Cake Pops/Ferrero Rocher Cake

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Anjali Shah : The Picky Eater

Anjali Shah

Anjali Shah wears many different hats; she is a board certified health coach, food writer, nutritionist and author of the healthy food and lifestyle blog “The Picky Eater”. She creates her recipes that are healthy, nutritious and picky-eater proof. What started as a blog to chronicle her adventures in cooking healthy meals for her husband have now become a platform for techniques and strategies to fight against picky eating in kids of all ages. Being raised in a health-conscious family, she advocates for healthy food, clean eating and also cooking at home. She is also the author of the cookbook titled “Super Easy Baby Food Cookbook” that offers healthy homemade recipes for kids of all ages.

Instant Pot Superfood Dal/Gluten Free Brownies/Cheesy Quinoa and Black Bean Casserole

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Bhavna’s Kitchen : Bhavna’s Kitchen


Bhavna loves to prepare exotic vegetarian recipes from all over the world with a touch of Indian flavour on her blog “Bhavna’s Kitchen”. Her recipe index features vegetarian and vegan recipes, egg-free recipes, Italian, Indo-Chinese and Mexican. Also, she offers kitchen basics and gardening videos. Visit the “Kids Corner” section on her blog, and you will be enthralled by the recipes she has in store. Bhavna offers an incredible array of outstanding recipe videos on her YouTube channel Bhavna’s kitchen. Given her impeccable presentation skills, it is not an exaggeration that she enjoys a huge subscriber base. Her recipe videos offer both education as well as culinary inspiration.

Baingan Bharta/Gujarati Thali/Carrot Halwa

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Dr. Hemapriya : My Little Moppet

Dr. Hemapriya

Dr. Hemapriya is a certified child nutritionist and clarifies everything you have in store regarding your baby. Through her parenting blog, “My Little Moppet”, she offers a complete guide ranging from caring a baby, feeding with solids, vaccination, food charts for babies, home remedies for an ailment that your baby suffers and everything about raising your baby. She bid adieu to her medical profession to look after her son and daughter. She offers healthy and nutritional recipes that doesn’t demand much time. Hemapriya’s recipe index features puree, porridges, pancake, finger food, homemade foods for travel, toddler-friendly cakes, homemade snacks and more.

Edible Rakhi/Chocolate Dates Phirni/Tricolor Dhokla

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Jayanthy Kumaran : Tasty Appetite

Jayanthy Kumaran

Meet Jayanthy Kumaran, the author, photographer, and founder of the food blog “Tasty Appetite”. Since its inception in 2009, the blog has witnessed tremendous success as evidenced by the humongous social media following. Her blog includes a wide variety of mix of classic and exotic Indian recipes, healthy meal ideas, fitness and kitchen tips, food photography and more. She reserves a special place for kid-friendly recipes on her blog and offers recipes for dinner, snacks, drinks and more which are healthy and nutritious. Further her presentation skills of the recipes with detailed instructions and stepwise pictures make for a memorable culinary journey.

Cheese Sticks/Spicy Buttered Popcorn Snack/Baby Corn Fry

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Kalyani Krishnan : GKFoodDiary

Kalyani Krishnan

The kid-friendly food blog, “GkFoodDiary” is composed of healthy, nutritious, easy to make recipes for babies, toddlers, kids and come in handy for busy moms. Kalyani Krishnan has a vast baby food recipe collection and includes purees, porridges, health mix powder, mashed food, smoothies, wholesome food for babies of more than 8 months and so on. She also includes Baby food charts for babies of varying ages from 6 to 11 months and is a great guide for parents out there. GKFoodDiary also includes homemade baby food recipes collection ideal for babies of age 6-12 months.

Apple Beetroot Carrot Puree/Poha Oats Powder/Urad Dal Milk

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Nithya Ravi : Nithya’s Kitchen

Nithya Ravi

Nithya Ravi is a foodie by heart, blogger by passion and author of the food blog “Nithya’s Kitchen”. Her blog is a source for a number of traditional recipes that are rarely prepared in the households. You can find a lot of vegetarian and vegan recipes across multiple categories like Festival recipes, No Onion No Garlic recipes, snacks and more. Her kid’s recipe collection features healthy and tasty recipes and is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. She also offers in-depth reviews of the food products of various brands. Further, Nithya loves experimenting and constantly tries new innovative recipes.

Chilli Gobhi/Sweet Potato Chaat/Spaghetti In Tomato Sauce

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Padhu : Padhus Kitchen


Padhu is a chef, photographer, recipe developer, web designer behind the blog “Padhus Kitchen”. Her recipe index has everything you need featuring Indigenous recipes, mushroom recipes, Indian festival recipes, World recipes and healthy recipes that comprise millets, and oats. She has a dedicated section for kids titled “Baby-Kids Recipes”, where you can find a beautiful collection of baby and toddler recipes and kids after-school snacks recipes. Padhu uses her trademark food styling for kids and makes smileys using veggies. All her recipes are quick, healthy, easy to make and are provided with easy to follow cooking instructions.

Sweet Appam/Ragi Chocolate Cake/Avocado Sandwich Toast

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Puja Darshan : The Tastes Of India

Puja Darshan

Puja Darshan’s blog “The Tastes of India” is a tribute to a variety of food in India. For a newbie looking to start a blog, she offers complete guidance right from building a blog to the monetisation irrespective of the niche. She founded the blog to jot down all her experiments with food and especially kids recipes. She offers healthy, easy to make kids recipes that are ideal for breakfast, evening snacks and kids lunch box. Her diet recipes are an instant hit, where she provides low carb diet recipes, smoothies and more. She offers recipes spanning the length and breadth of the country keeping in mind of the varying diversity among South India and North India. Apart from the above, she also offers reviews for food joints and products.


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Sharmili Kannan : Sharmi’s Kitchen

Sharmili Kannan

Sharmili Kannan originally hails from Salem, Tamil Nadu and now lives in UAE with her husband and daughter. The blog “Sharmi’s Kitchen” is all about various types of Indian and continental recipes. Sharmili has a section titled “Kids Special” on her blog, filled with traditional, easy to make recipes coupled with detailed instructions and demonstration videos. Her blog offers a broad range of simple, nutritious, tasty, healthy, vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes. The blog is filled with bachelor recipes, festival recipes, biryani recipes and more.

Pizza Bombs/Paneer Bread Disc/Jaggery Dosa

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These blogs have been chosen based on the following criteria –

: Presentation & Styling skills for recipes.
: Bonusapp’s editorial team and expert review.
: Quality and frequency of Blogger’s recipe blog posts.
: Influence and popularity on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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