Top 10 Bengali Food Blogs – India 2018

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Bengal is the mouthwatering Rasgullas. West Bengal is popularly known as the land of Maach (Fish) and rice. The Bengali cuisine is a blend of sweet and spicy flavours. The delicious Bengali curries make you drool over with distinctive flavours emanating from the mustard oil, turmeric, poppy seeds employed in the preparation. On our quest to identify the best Bengali food bloggers offering traditional and authentic Bengali delicacies, we came across these elite bloggers from the plethora of food blogs. We at Bonusapp feel privileged to honour these “Top 10 Bengali Food Bloggers” who are instrumental in documenting traditional recipes and also in reviving the rich legacy of Bengal cuisine. We have aligned these “Top 10 Bengali Food Blogs” alphabetically instead of assigning any particular ranking.

Archita Chanda Ray : My Food My Life

Archita Chanda Ray

Archita Chanda Ray started the blog “My Food My life” to use it for her culinary escapades and to give a direction to her passion. She is an ex-risk analyst by profession and loves to cook and feed with care. Her blog features quick and easy to make recipes made with readily available ingredients. She also has vested interests in music and fashion besides food. Archita also offers traditional Bengali recipes for quintessential Bengali festivals.

Milk Poached Chicken Roast /Muri Ghonto/Payesh – Bengali Rice Pudding

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Arpita Nath : Food Indian

Arpita Nath

The food blog “Food Indian” is a humble attempt to share Arpita Nath’s passion for food and cooking. She originally hails from Bengali family and hence her blog features a lot of Bengali flavour. Her blog is an amalgamation of authentic Bengali and Indian recipes. Also, you can find a wide variety of quick to cook, easy recipes and also veg and non-veg recipes. She also runs a YouTube channel titled “ArpitaNathBengaliRecipes” which is the outcome of her immense love for cooking.

Kochur Loti Chingri Curry/Mini Rasgulla/Dimer Dalna – Egg Curry

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Chandana Ganguly : CookingEnuff

Chandana Ganguly

The food blog “CookingEnuff” is the destination for authentic Bengali Fish and Mishti (sweet) recipes. Chandana Ganguly is the brain behind the blog; she is a Bengali by heart and soul and admirer of rich Bengali culture and awesome food. Chandana ’s major focus lies on authentic Bengali and Indian dishes. All her recipes are delicious and easy to make and do not demand much time. On her blog, you can also find many recipes that are made especially in Bengal and Bangladesh.

Shahi Tukra/Kholisha Fish/New Cauliflower Manchurian

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Chitrangada Kundu : Color and Spices

Chitrangada Kundu

Chitrangada Kundu’s food blog “Color and Spices” is all about food. Apart from featuring traditional and everyday Bengali food, she leaves enough space for recipes from different parts of India as well as world cuisine. All her recipes are learned, inherited, tried and tested in her kitchen. For newbies, who are craving to know more about food photography, do visit “Food photography” section as she offers insights into it. Her motto is to encourage others to find cooking as a source of creative pleasure.

Dim Posto/Sandesh/Narkel Naru

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Moumita Ghosh : Peek N Cook

Moumita Ghosh

Moumita Ghosh is a Bengali homemaker and author of the food blog “Peek N Cook”. A major portion of her blog includes recipes from everyday Bengali menus. Also, she posts recipes of other cuisines like Indian, Mughlai, Chinese & fusion. Her lucid writing skills make her blog posts easy to follow and a wonderful read. Through the “Travel” section of her blog, she offers a glimpse of her travel tales. Peek N Cook features a plethora of recipes across various categories ranging from Bachelors paradise, healthy diet, kids favourite, Microwave recipes and so on.

Mango Fudge with Chhana/Bhuni Khichuri/Baked Puff Pastry With Minced Mutton Keema Stuffing

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Poulami Mallick Kundu : Eat Read & Cook

Poulami Mallick Kundu

Poulami Mallick Kundu is a shy bookworm and offers authentic Bengali recipes that have been passed down from generations on her blog “Eat Read & Cook”. Her blog is a crazy outlet for her passion for cooking, eating, and reading. She is a hardcore non-vegetarian and hence her blog features a number of non-veg recipes such as Chicken, Mutton, fish, and prawns. Also, Poulami offers various instant and easy to make Icecreams, Kulfis and Frozen yogurts.

Rastar Moto Ghugni/Bengali Fried Rice/Bengali Coconut Laddu with Jaggery

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Sayantani Mahapatra : A Homemaker’s Diary

Sayantani Mahapatra

Born in coastal Bengal and brought up in Shantiniketan, Sayantani Mahapatra has always inclined to arts and crafts. What started as a blog to record the family recipes a decade back have now become a place to restore the vanishing food practices and traditional recipes of different Bengali regions. She is fond of baking and started recording her baking adventures on her blog. Over time, Sayantani has turned out to be a trusted home baker and whips out wonderful cakes and a variety of desserts. She loves to make everyday food healthy and nutritious.

Bhapa Pitha/Spicy Bottle Gourd Leaves Paste/Mug Pakon Pithe

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Shyamali & Biswajit : Foodie’s Hut

Shyamali & Biswajit

Meet Melbourne based Bengali couple Shyamali and Biswajit the creative vision behind the blog “Foodie’s Hut”. The couple hails from Kolkata and ought to bring to light the many delicacies of Indian cuisine. So, they started the blog to document Bengali recipes and Indian regional recipes. Shyamali is a content creator, recipe developer and storyteller of the blog. On the other hand, Biswajit is the technical brain, editor, and photographer of “Foodie’s Hut”. The blog is decorated with food and travel stories, recipe videos, exploring Aussie living and beyond.

Bhapa Ilish Jeera bata diye/Duck Egg Khichdi/Deep Fried Pancakes

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Sudeshna Banerjee : Cook Like A Bong

Sudeshna Banerjee

Sudeshna Banerjee founded the blog “Cook Like a Bong” about 11 years ago when she moved to a new city and was craving for home-cooked meals. The recipe index on her blog includes a medley of a wide variety of cuisines that reflect age-old Bengali traditions, folklore, contemporary cooking and her improvised styles. If you find it difficult enough to follow the Bengali culinary words, refer to the “Dictionary” section on her blog for clarification where she offers English names for vegetables, legumes and spices. Her blog also features interviews with Bengali food bloggers, roundups, how to’s and more.

Baked Rasogolla/Pulao/Niramish Chicken

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Sukanya Ghosh : Saffron Streaks

Sukanya Ghosh

Sukanya Ghosh is a Recipe developer, food stylist, photographer, travel writer and author of the blog “Saffron Streaks”. Through her blog, Sukanya takes you on a voyage filled with delicious recipes and memorable travel experiences. The blog is a source for traditional Indian recipes with a special emphasis on Bengali cuisine and baking. Besides traditional Indian cooking, the blog comprises a global palette of flavours that combines the elements of different culture and traditions.

Soupy Green Mango Dal/Steamed Rice Cakes/Dhaniya Murgh

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These blogs have been chosen based on the following criteria –

: Presentation & Styling skills for recipes.
: Bonusapp’s editorial team and expert review.
: Quality and frequency of Blogger’s recipe blog posts.
: Influence and popularity on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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