Top 20 North Indian Culinary Blogs – 2018

The Indian food is one of its kind embracing the cultures and aromas emanating from various regions of the country. Although the authors Top 20 North Indian Culinary Blogs hail from the various areas of the country, but these authors have written the recipes in a way they are cooked in a North Indian kitchen. The contribution and efforts by these bloggers in popularising and reviving the heirloom North Indian recipes deserve credit. All their blogs feature mouth-watering, delicious and quintessential North Indian preparations. With clear-cut instructions coupled with anecdotes and exhilarating photographs, the blogs are at the forefront to help you master the art of North Indian cooking.

All these bloggers offer many reasons to fall in love with the food again and again. These food blogs have all the content to satiate the soul that varies from healthy diets, homemade delicacies, and street foods from every nook and corners of the country. The chosen Top 20 North Indian Culinary bloggers bring authentic home cuisine apart from showcasing how easy it is to create amazing flavours to tantalise your taste buds. All these bloggers have contributed equally to popularise North Indian Cuisine, and hence it is difficult to differentiate their efforts based on ranking. So, we have aligned all of them alphabetically. Without any further ado, let’s have a glimpse at the elite list of Top 20 North Indian Culinary blogs.

Alka Jena : CulinaryXpress

Alka Jena successfully dons multiple roles; she is a blogger, photographer, food stylist, recipe developer and the driving force behind the blog CulinaryXpress. Her blog reflects her passion towards homemade food. She follows an easy and simple style of cooking; she usually cooks with locally grown ingredients available as per the season. Alka also specialises in developing creative recipes, styling products, reviews and collaboration, food consultation and photography.

Bharli Vangi/Paneer Jalfrezi/Chicken Bharta

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Archana Mundhe : Ministry Of Curry

Archana is a techie turned recipe developer, food instructor and founder of the blog Ministry Of Curry. Her detailed description of the recipes helps you gain expertise in cuisines across India, Thailand, China and all over the world. She is also the author of the cookbook “The Essential Indian Instant Pot” and it is now available for pre-order. She prepares easy to make authentic and delicious North Indian recipes to help busy people out there.

Chicken Biryani/Tandoori Chicken Lettuce Wraps/Dudhi Basundi

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Deepika is the author of the food blog Taste Memory. She is well acquainted with various northern states like Jaisalmer (Rajasthan), Surat (Gujarat) and is now living in Mumbai. Hence, she has a sound knowledge of various cuisines across these states. Deepika’s blog is a means to document her mother’s traditional dishes, popular Gujarati recipes, authentic surat street food and also recipes from around the world.

Shrikhand(Sweetened Greek yogurt)/Gram Flour Rolls/Vegetable Dalia

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Gloria Fernandes : Pepper Chilli and Vanilla

Gloria Fernandes with the North Indian roots always followed traditional methods of cooking North Indian dishes. The blog is one place, where she shares recipes from East Indian Catholic cuisine, and other tried and tested recipes. Her blog also features recipes that are altered by her from other cookbooks, cuisines and cookery shows. Also, Gloria’s cuisine index includes Maharashtrian and exotic recipes from Chinese, Middle Eastern, Turkish and Italian dishes.

Chicken Tikka Recipe/Paneer Cheese Masala/Butter Chicken Recipe

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Kanak Hagjer : Blending Flavours

Kanak Hagjer hails from Dima Hasao in the state of Assam from North-eastern India, and the majority of her recipes are made using locally available fresh ingredients. She found her passion for baking and documenting traditional Dimasa dishes. Her blog Blending flavours features simple dishes filled with seasonal flavours of her region. She grows a majority of the herbs and edible flowers that she uses for her recipes.

Labneh Tart With Matcha Pastry Dough/Tiny Potatoes/Broccoli & Strawberry Salad

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Mareena Jerrish : Mareena’s Recipe Collections

The blog name itself indicates the essence of the blog; Mareena’s Recipe Collections include the collection of recipes over the years sourced from family, friends and net. Mareena Jerrish is the brain behind the origin of this food blog. All her recipes are tried and tested in the kitchen, and it is an excellent blog for foodies, who loves to experiment with new recipes. Apart from the authentic North Indian dishes, she also tries out new dishes from around the world. Her blog includes more than 500 simple and easy to make recipes.

Prawn Cutlets/Coriander Mint Coconut Chutney/Apple Banoffee Empanadas

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Maya Akhil : Yummy O Yummy

Maya Akhil founded the food blog Yummy O Yummy in 2010 with a vision to focus on traditional South Indian and Fusion dishes. But now, her blog contains a repertoire of North Indian vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes and also includes a wide variety of desserts, and snacks. Apart from North Indian dishes, her recipe index features Kerala dishes as well as International cuisines of American, Arabic, Greek, Indo-Chinese, Italian, Mexican and Pakistan.

Boneless Chicken Ularthiyathu/Paneer Kheer/Masala Chicken Wings

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Meenu Gupta : Your Food Fantasy

Meenu Gupta is a food enthusiast, content creator, recipe developer, designer and author of the food blog, Your Food Fantasy. She is settled in the U.K for the past eight years and now devotes her time to share cooking tips and tricks through her blog. She hails from Northern India; her blog features a plethora of fuss-free simplified Diwali, Holi, fasting food recipes, recipes of Punjab as well as International cuisines.


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Naina Rahul Goregaonkar : Naina’s Recipes

Naina Rahul Goregaonkar’s blog Naina’s Recipes features a wide range of traditional North Indian recipes. The plethora of varieties in the recipes from Indian mainly Maharashtrian, and exotic recipes like Chinese, Italian, French, and Arabic delicacies are sure to get your taste buds interested. Her crystal clear step by step illustration of the recipe from the beginning to the end coupled with visually pleasing photography makes your cooking easier. She celebrates all festivals along with her family and relishes a vibrant blend of cuisines.

Cauli florotte fritters/Paneer Makhanwala/Daal Baati

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Pooja Nadkarni : Pooja’s Cookery

Pooja Nadkarni started her food journey two years back when she was in the USA, and her husband is the mastermind behind the creation of the blog Pooja’s Cookery. She dedicates a significant part of her blog to traditional and authentic North Indian vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes. Also, the blog features recipes from various regions of India; she originally hails from Goa and dedicates separate space for authentic Goan recipes on her blog. In brief, her blog is all about cooking, eating and enjoying.

Quick Creamy White Pasta/Chicken Tikka Masala/Eggless Apple Cupcakes

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Poonam Kiran Bachhav : Annapurna

Poonam Kiran Bachhav is author, food stylist and food photographer of the blog Annapurna. It is the place where she writes about healthy and nutritious home-cooked food. A microbiologist by profession, she found her passion for cooking. Her blog is home to traditional Indian dishes, heirloom Maharashtrian recipes, innovative and healthy bakes (mostly eggless and butterless) and scrumptious dishes from all over the world. Her recipes are simple, with readily available ingredients and stepwise pictures. Poonam is very artistic, and this reflects very well in her food presentation and food styling

Rajma Pulao Recipe/Malpua Recipe/Soya Vegetable Tikka/

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Poorva Vivek Sawant : FOOD FUNDA

Poorva Vivek Sawant is a simple homemaker and fond of authentic Indian recipes especially Maharashtrian and Konkani. Her blog Food Funda is one place where you will find lots of recipes for classic favourites as well as unique Indian recipes that mingle modern flavours with traditional tastes. She enjoys cooking her recipes, which are the beautiful blend of many food cultures of Maharashtra. Poorva uses all our local ingredients including wild vegetables. She envisions to document our local and authentic recipes for the next generation.

Tilgul Ladu/Valache Birde/Gulbahar Rasgulla

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Richa Tiwari : Savory Tales

Richa Tiwari’s passion for writing, the insane love for food and interest in photography gave birth to her food blog Savory Tales. Apart from sharing recipes, Richa also offers restaurant and product reviews. She also shares her travel adventures with the audience on her blog. She hails from North India and hence a significant part of her blog is dedicated to easy to make delicious and authentic North Indian recipes. Savory tales is a space, where she pens down or creates videos of everyday recipes.

Steamed Dahi Vada/Vinegar Onions Recipe/Vanilla Phirni Recipe

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Razina Javed : The Foodie Delight

Razina is a recipe writer, photographer, food consultant, freelance writer and the author of the food blog The Foodie Delight. She is a passionate cook and her passion towards cooking clearly reflects in her recipe index. She originally hails from North India, but now resides in the Garden City of India, Bengaluru. Razina’s blog is filled with simple and exotic recipes blended with varied cooking styles. Her blog covers mostly vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes from South India, North India and also across the globe.

Methi Mushroom Recipe/Mix Veg Pakora/Matar Gosht Recipe

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Sailaja Gudivada : Sailu’s Food

Sailaja Gudivada runs the food blog Sailu’s Food to offer inspiration to cook Indian dishes, teach simple cooking techniques and easy to make meals. But later she extended her portfolio and features a host of South Indian, North Indian dishes, snacks, bakes and also western cuisine. A major chunk of her blog is dedicated to vegetarian dishes, but she also leaves enough space for non-vegetarian dishes.


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Sanjana : K.O Rasoi

Sanjana is a British born cook and photographer with Indian and East African roots. Her blog K.O. Rasoi has lip-smacking recipes to soothe a healthy soul and brings modern vegetarian Indian and East Indian food to your kitchen. Besides cooking, she gained expertise in food styling and photography. Her recipe index is composed of popular, quick, Gujarati, paneer and vegan recipes. The photograph of the recipes on her blog is a delight to the readers.

Mombasa-style Daal Kachori/Eggless Red Velvet Cupcakes/Crispy Potato Bhajia

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Sheetal Bhatt : TheRoutetoRoots

Born and brought up in Ahmedabad, the largest city of the state of Gujarat, India, Sheetal Bhatt is the soul behind the food blog TheRoutetoRoots. Her primary motive is to revive the vanishing food practices and traditions of Gujarati cuisine and promote healthy home cooked foods. All the recipes featured on the blog are either traditional heirloom recipes or adapted from an extensive collection of recipe books.

Kaju Draksh Shrikhand/Shakkariya ni Rabdi/Damni Dhokla

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Smita Pranay Singh : Kali Mirch

Smita Pranay Singh’s food blog Kali Mirch contains some of the authentic, easy to make traditional Indian recipes. Her blog is the home to vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes that are cooked in the homes of Konkan coastal and region Rasoi village of U.P. Kali Mirch is a rich source of South Indian, North Indian, seasonal and festival recipes. Kali Mirch also features a category titled “Food Stop” which explores some of the popular and unknown signature dishes present across different regions and states during her travelling journey.


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Vaishali Sharda : The Kitchen Docs

Vaishali Sharda is very much fond of fusion style of cooking. She adapts traditional North Indian dishes to our taste and loves sharing them on her blog The Kitchen Docs. Growing up, she and her sister were brought up on fresh produce from their kitchen garden that has lentils, wheat and rice sourced straight from the best farmers in the Indo-Gangetic plains. A researcher by profession, Vaishali currently resides in the United States and is fond of exploring the American style of cooking.

Tandoori Quesadillas/Baklava Bites/Falafel Recipe with Tzatziki

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Varsha Sachin Baikar : My Recipes Blog

Varsha Sachin Baikar’s My Recipes Blog is full of life; it breaks the fourth wall and gets the reader in the form of the story tell read. Her blog is the platform for her favourite vegetarian dishes as well as the experimented ones. She is fond of Maharashtrian dishes, but you can also find recipes from various states of India. Be ready to be mesmerised by drool-worthy photographs of all the magic that Varsha creates on her blog.

Baingan Aloo Peanut Masala/Banana Malpua/Lappsi or Daliya kheer

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These blogs have been chosen based on the following criteria –

: Presentation & Styling skills for recipes.
: Bonusapp’s editorial team and expert review.
: Quality and frequency of Blogger’s recipe blog posts.
: Influence and popularity on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

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