Top 10 Versatile Food Blogs – India 2018

In the era of multi-tasking, people look for blogs that cater to the needs of everyone rather than a focussed write up. That is where versatile bloggers come in to picture! When it comes to food blogging, these versatile bloggers are multi-talented and deliver excellence in whatever they do. Their acumen across creating cuisines from different regions, meal types and cooking styles are commendable. These versatile food bloggers love to play with multiple recipes, but still, they make sure they come up with something that is aesthetically pleasing and mouthwatering as possible. We at Bonusapp are indeed honoured to announce the list of “Top 10 Versatile Food Blogs – India 2018”. It would be quite unjust to their efforts if we align these Versatile bloggers based on any criteria based ranking. All of these bloggers deserve equal credit and hence we have arranged them alphabetically.

Anjana Chaturvedi : Maayeka

Anjana Chaturvedi

For newly married brides looking for household guidance out there, Anjana Chaturvedi’s blog “Maayeka” is a must visit!. She originally hails from Mathura (U.P) and is now settled in Dubai. Her blog is all about Sathvik Cooking (with no onion and garlic) and avoids ingredients that produce excessive heat in the body. She specialises in making authentic and traditional Indian vegetarian recipes. Anjana successfully dons multiple roles; she is a food blogger, food stylist, recipe developer and freelance content writer. The food she blogs include simple comfort food without the need for any speciality store ingredients.

Till Ki Chikki/Sweet Mango Pickle/Thandai Masala Powder

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Chitra Ramachandran : Chitra Amma’s Kitchen

Chitra Ramachandran

The blog “Chitra Amma’s Kitchen” is a traditional South-Indian vegetarian blog with a major focus on Tamil Brahmin recipes. Apart from the rich details, her recipe posts include stories and anecdotes offering a glimpse of the culture and traditions of South India. The blog also includes few world recipes and is run by the mother-daughter duo Chitra Ramachandran and Dibs. Their blog is dedicated to food lovers who like to cook simple and healthy vegetarian food. To make the blog an interesting read, they try to illustrate implements such as utensils, grinding stones of pre-mixer days reminiscent of old cooking ways.

Vegetable Biryani/Morkuzhambu Vadai/Aranellikka

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Divya Gattani : Divya’s Zaika

Divya Gattani

Only a bachelor or a newbie knows how difficult it is to cook! But don’t worry! Divya Gattani is here to offer you helping hand! Her blog “Divya’s Zaika” features quick and easy to make recipes for bachelors and is a blessing in disguise for newbies who maintain a fair distance from the kitchen. Armed with the priceless culinary knowledge from her mother and grandmother, Divya now experiments new recipes and casts her spell on it. She loves cooking, baking and experimenting to the core and aims to take vegetarian recipes to the next level.

Punjabi Chhole/Paan Coconut Laddoo/Dhaniya Panjiri

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Fouzia Husainy : Mama’s Secret Recipes

Fouzia Husainy

Fouzia Husainy started the blog “Mama’s Secret Recipes” with the intention to keep alive her family recipes and preserve the art of traditional cooking, the sumptuous and delectable food that she enjoyed as a child. Her blog comprises a diverse collection of the recipes of her favourite food. Fouzia prefers only fresh food and avoids canned or processed foods. The section “Ramadan recipes” on her blog is a must visit and has recipes designed especially for Suhoor and Iftar. Her beautiful illustration of the recipes inspires anyone even without prior cooking experience to try the art of cooking.

Coconut Shrimp Poppers/Madrasi Vegetable Biryani/Double Baked Almond Croissants

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Mayuri Patel : Mayuri’s Jikoni

Mayuri Patel

Mayuri Patel is a Kenyan-Gujarati and hence her blog “Mayuri’s Jikoni” features a lot of Kenyan and Gujarati recipes. Her blog offers a wide range of traditional and modern recipes right from drinks to desserts in different cuisines. What started as a blog to jot down the recipes inherited from her mother, mother in law and Kaki have made rapid strides within a short time. Mayuri wishes to demystify the myth related to vegetarianism and show others that it is indeed a source of a variety of different cuisines.

Chilled Cucumber & Yogurt Soup/Uji/Mohanthal

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Paarul Mehta : Paarul’z kitchen

Paarul Mehta

“Paarul’z Kitchen” is one place where Paarul Mehta shares her recipes, techniques and tips for everyday cooking. She is a food enthusiast and very much passionate about cooking delicious Indian food as part of everyday’s life. A majority of her recipes are authentic, modified and tried and tested in her kitchen. Paarul draws inspiration from her grandmother whose recipes are simple yet enticing food with a blend of fresh herbs and spices.

Chandrakala-Suryakala/Dharwad Peda/Motichoor Ladoo

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Priya Suresh : Priya’s Versatile Recipes

Priya Suresh

True to the blog name “Priya’s Versatile Recipe” includes a medley of multi-cuisine recipes with different bakes and desserts. Priya Suresh is the soul behind the blog; her blog is decorated with more than 3000 recipes, and still, she has many recipes left in her arsenal. She lives in Paris, and hence her cooking has an added French touch. The blog is her personal space where she shares fusion and French dishes, Indian dishes and in particular traditional Tamilian recipes with her personal touch. For Priya, baking is a stress buster; her baking recipes keep you drooling all the time.

Club Kachori/Boondi Pak/Eggless Rose Shaped Donuts

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Shireen Sequeira : Ruchik Randhap

Shireen Sequeira

The blog name “Ruchik Randhap” means delicious cooking in Konkani and includes a good mix of recipes that range from everyday cooking, biryani’s, homemade wines, pickles, jams, sweets and desserts and baking. Shireen Sequeira is the author of this blog and her blog is born out of her passion for documenting culinary heritage and for reviving some of the tested and forgotten Mangalorean recipes. Apart from traditional recipes, her blog is filled with contemporary recipes, uncommon recipes for post-natal health and home remedies and non-traditional recipes from other parts of India and across the world.

Rice Pudding With Strawberry Compote/Pav/Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut Muffins

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Vaishali Sabnani : Ribbons To Pastas

Vaishali Sabnani

Interior designer Vaishali Sabnani has initial vested interests in scrapbooking and crafting, but later she found her passion in cooking. Hence the name of the blog “Ribbons to Pastas”. Her recipe index is a blend of national and International cuisines; She has versatile sections on her blog that include eggless baking, festival recipes, street food, crafts, and more. Vaishali also has a dedicated section for Kids titled “Kid’s recipes” which includes carefully designed recipes that Kids are fond of!

Fariyali Sabudana Khichdi/Punjabi Chickpea Biryani/Sindhi Thali

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Vanitha Bhat : Curryandvanilla

Vanitha Bhat

Meet Vanitha Bhat, the creator and proud owner of the versatile food blog “CurryandVanilla”. She chronicles her everyday cooking adventures and culinary creations on her blog. Be it desserts, cakes, cookies, International cuisines or simple traditional Indian recipes, she loves churning out the dishes in her kitchen. Her blog features a repertoire of homemade food, simple and exotic sweet and savoury! Apart from it, Vanitha is also a recipe developer, food stylist, editor and photographer.

Black Eyed Beans Sambar/Tropical Layered Smoothie/Spicy Gobi Kurkuri

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These blogs have been chosen based on the following criteria –

: Presentation & Styling skills for recipes.
: Bonusapp’s editorial team and expert review.
: Quality and frequency of Blogger’s recipe blog posts.
: Influence and popularity on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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