Top 10 Rising Indian Food Bloggers – 2018

Food blogging used to be an unexplored niche a little while ago. But it is not the case now! Many new and upcoming bloggers have now bombarded the field, and their food blogs are an excellent source of culinary inspiration. But there are only a few who have made it their own and achieved tremendous success within a short span of time. These rising food bloggers have succeeded in announcing themselves in the field of food blogging. They are on the verge of joining alongside elite food bloggers in India.

Even though they are new to the field, they are never short of delivering quality content when compared to the elite Indian food bloggers. They are at the forefront in creating ripples with their culinary creations that will have mass appeal with the food community in the near future. We have compiled a list of Top 10 Rising Indian Food bloggers who through their signature style of their own are guaranteed to inspire you and get you experimenting in the kitchen. We have sorted the list of Top 10 Rising Indian food bloggers alphabetically rather than assigning any criteria-based ranking.

Antonet Roajer : Anto’s Kitchen

Antonet Roajer

Antonet Roajer’s blog “Anto’s Kitchen” features Indian recipes and also exotic recipes of American, Chinese and Thai. After steadily gaining expertise in cooking, she is now trying food fusion or hybrid recipes. Her motto is to help the busy people out there to cook at home for a healthy lifestyle, who are mostly accustomed to fast food culture. She offers smart cooking ideas for them, and all her recipes are optimised for busy people. Antonet is very much passionate about creativity, and it reflects in her recipes as well as on her blog.

Quinoa Dosa/Chicken Baida Roti/Quinoa Fried Rice

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Chakri : Chakri’s Kitchen

Chakri’s Kitchen

“Chakri’s Kitchen” is one place where you can learn easy ways to cook Indian yummilicious recipes, biryani’s, curries and sweets. The blog is all about cooking yummy and delicious recipes in simple and easy understandable steps. She started the blog with a notion to capture complicated recipes that were initially thought of as tricky but turned out to be the recipes that can be made with minimum effort. Chakri wants everyone to be able to make the recipes irrespective of the cooking experience and hence captures the cooking process in simple steps.

Aloo Paratha/Tandoori Chicken/Boorelu

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Darshana Shah : Cooking With Darshu

Darshana Shah

Darshana Shah is the voice behind the food blog “Cooking with Darshu”. Her blog is filled with various Maharashtrian, Gujarati, Punjabi, South Indian and exotic Chinese and Italian recipes. Visit the category “Recipe Collection” of her blog that features, festival recipes, fasting recipes, Bachelor recipes and more. If you are new to cooking, then browse the section “Cooking Basics” on her blog to gain the requisite knowledge about cooking.

Gobhi Paratha/Boiled Peanut Salad/Carrot Halwa

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Deboleena Mandal : India’s Global Kitchen

Deboleena Mandal

Deboleena Mandal is the author of the food blog “India’s Global Kitchen”. The blog is home to healthy, mouthwatering national and International dishes. All the recipes are healthy and can be made within few minutes. She is very much passionate about food, writing, minimalism and also homemaking. Deboleena makes sure that the ingredients used in her recipes are healthy, less fattening and readily available in the market. She is an IT engineer by profession, but she quit her job to devote more time towards her daughter and also pursue her passion for cooking.

Potol Mishti Recipe/Nutty Chocolate Cake/Malai Chicken Tangri Kebab

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Garima & Anurag Rastogi : The Dancing Mustards

Garima & Anurag Rastogi

The husband-wife duo of Anurag and Garima are the soul behind the blog “The Dancing Mustards”. The duo offers wonderful recipes with simple instructions making it the go-to place for every food enthusiast out there! The blog is born out of their common passion for food to give it a new dimension. On “The Dancing Mustards” you can find delectable everyday recipes that are accompanied by clear instructions and beautifully crafted photographs.

Missi Roti/Mughlai Dahi Kebab/Indian Spiced Hasselback Potatoes

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Maithri Prasanna : My3’s Kitchenette

Maithri Prasanna

Maithri Prasanna is a food enthusiast and the brain and brawn behind the blog “My3’s Kitchenette”. She originally hails from Udupi and currently resides in Bengaluru. Her blog is dedicated to those curious about coastal cuisines of Udupi with a perfect balance of various dishes from the local veggies to the gourmet seafood delights that makes a perfect meal. She wishes to jot down the recipes that are diminishing with time and share it with the rest of the world. All her recipes are tried, tested and complemented by her loved ones. The blog “My3’s Kitchenette” is all about comfort food which is cooked in every household.

Squid Sukka/Moode Recipe/Chicken Dum Biriyani

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Rumi Mahanta Dutta : Rumi’s Kitchen

Rumi Mahanta Dutta

If you are new to cooking and worried about it, then Rumi Mahanta Dutta is here for your aid! She hails from a small town called Dibrugarh, Assam in the Northeastern part of India. Through her blog “Rumi’s Kitchen”, she wishes to simplify cooking and show us how fun it can be! All her recipes are easy to make, yet they are very tasty. She also published her first e-book titled “21 Delicious Assamese Recipes” focussed on Assamese cuisine.

Pumpkin Flower fritters/Cucumber sabji recipe/Pork with colocasia leaves

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Samira Gupta : Samira’s Recipe Diary

Samira Gupta

The food blog “Samira’s Recipe Diary” brings vegetarian and eggless delicacies to your kitchen from the pages of Samira Gupta’s diary. She is the author of this blog, a recipe developer and presents recipes with a unique blend of tradition and modernity. A major chunk of her recipes includes cakes n bakes and wheat-based recipes. All her recipes are accompanied by wonderful commentary and tantalising photographs making it a must visit blog.

Whole Wheat Pizza/Eggless Whole Wheat Rasmalai Cake/Strawberry Lemonade

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Sunrita Dutta : Spice It Upp

Sunrita Dutta

Sunrita Dutta’s blog “Spice It Upp” spices up your taste buds with regional cuisines and fusion recipes. She is also an ardent foodie, writer, and a spice fanatic. Her blog is a humble effort to help Indian food lovers overcome the hesitation of cooking with spices by stimulating their culinary senses. Her food blog is a place for documenting her cooking shortcuts, demystifying Indian Cuisine and show the readers how the appropriate use of spices bring flavourful expression to meal times.

15 Minutes Spinach Mushroom Pulao Rice/Prawns Masala/Lamb Bhuna

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Vini Mehta : Vini’s Cookbook

Vini Mehta

Vini Mehta is fond of baking, and hence you can witness a lot of eggless recipes on her blog Vini’s CookBook. The blog features more than 400 cooking recipes on Indian food, vegetarian recipes and healthy Indian recipes. Vini offers a lot of tips, tricks, instructions, accompanied by videos to make your baking easier and tastier. All her recipes are foolproof, and they are tried and tested before they are published. Her blog has everything you can ask for ranging from kid’s recipes, recipes for parties, oil-free recipes to monsoon recipes and starters to desserts.

Dhaba Style Aloo Paratha/Chai Masala/Eggless Chocolate Truffle Cake

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These blogs have been chosen based on the following criteria –

: Presentation & Styling skills for recipes.
: Bonusapp’s editorial team and expert review.
: Quality and frequency of Blogger’s recipe blog posts.
: Influence and popularity on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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