Top 10 Indian Food Critics – 2018

The job of a food critic is quite challenging! There is a misconception about food critics that they enjoy incredible privileges such as free foods and drinks, amazing perks and so on. But it is in fact not true! The job of a food critic is a double-edged sword, there are other considerations than simply eating and writing about it. They must make multiple visits to the restaurant and keep a close watch on various aspects like food, ambience and service before penning their review. Hence they must be honest and thoughtful about what they write. They also have to bear the brunt of restaurants for negative reviews. Recognising their unparalleled efforts, we at Bonusapp have decided to honour such deserving Indian food critics who voice their opinion in a compelling way and have succeeded in leaving an indelible mark. We have aligned the list of the amazing Top 10 Indian food critics – 2018 alphabetically rather than assigning any particular ranking.

Bhavna : Just A Girl From Aamchi Mumbai


Bhavna originally hails from Mumbai and is now living in Australia. She lives her passion for cooking, eating and photography through the blog “Just A Girl From Aamchi Mumbai”. Her philosophy of life is quite simple “Eat Eat Eat and then Eat some more”. She has special sections called “Food experiences OZ” and “Food experience India” where she shares her flavourful experiences during her visits to places and restaurants across Australia and India. Don’t miss to browse through the “Musings” section on her blog where she shares her in-depth views of various genres of books and her travel tales.

Deep Fried Goodies/Daulat ki Chaat/Fruit Cream from Haji Ali

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Devashree Rahul Sanghvi : The Crazy Indian Foodie

Devashree Rahul Sanghvi

With a huge social media following behind her Devashree Rahul Sanghvi is one of the top social media influencers in Mumbai for food and travel. She is a lawyer by profession and regular orator at Youth entrepreneurship and food events. Besides this, she is a food and travel blogger and Zomato verified restaurant reviewer. Her blog “TheCrazyIndianFoodie” is the home to get to know about food brands, events, recipes, weekend giveaways, latest restaurants destinations, hospitality and more.

Daara Singh Thali/Breakfast with a view at Sofitel Macau/The Chocolate Thali

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Kriti Singhal Agrawal : Krispy Kadhai

Kriti Singhal Agrawal

Kriti Singhal Agrawal’s “Krispy Kadhai” is the go-to place for Indian and global recipes, kitchen tips, restaurant reviews, kitchen hacks and more. She also created a facebook page “From The Diaries Of Great Cooks” which is the source for global cuisines, ingredients, well known global chefs, country-specific staple foods, spices, sauces and more. She is a social media professional, during the day and becomes a home chef, reader and blogger at night.

Vada Pavs/Christmas Pancakes/Spinach Basil Almond Pesto

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Neeru Singh : Eatstory

Neeru Singh

The blog Eatstory is the destination to explore the eternal escapades on travel, eating and baking. Neeru Singh succeeded in making her way to the prestigious Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute (SRFTI) in Kolkata, but after spending four years, she soon realised that it wasn’t her true calling. Soon she found her passion for food; she is a trained pastry chef and a full-time food writer. Now as a food blogger and food stylist she has successfully completed assignments with many premium brands. She also runs a YouTube channel where she covers videos related to food at restaurants, Cafes and home stays

Kumaoni Chicken Curry/Crab Meat set in a Sauce with Plum Tomatoes/Rajasthani Thali

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Nisha : Honey, Whats Cooking!


Nisha is the owner and author of the food, travel and lifestyle blog “Honey, What’s Cooking”. She aims to make healthy and delicious recipes without compromising on the taste and texture. Nisha’s passion spreads across multiple fields including cooking, baking, travelling, watching the food network for hours and exploring various facets of New York City. She is also a wannabe chef, food critic, good storyteller and a dedicated photographer.

Baked Chipotle Lime Salmon with Mango Salsa/ Peanut Lime Zucchini Noodles/Chili Garlic Shrimp

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Nishi Tilara : The Chatori Diaries

Nishi Tilara

The blog “The Chatori Diaries” cover a broad range of aspects; it includes restaurant reviews, product reviews, food-related suggestions, some tips as well as tricks. Nishi Tilara started the blog with an idea to share her experiences with all the food lovers and build a community around. She has a passion for travel, food and storytelling. On her blog, Nishi takes us through a journey filled with adventures and recipes of India and around the world. If you wanted to visit the restaurants in and around Delhi, then this blog provides all the requisite details.

Lakhori – Haveli Dharampura, Old Delhi/Yeti -The Himalayan Kitchen/German Frankfurter Sausages

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Pratheek Ponnappa : Grubitizer

Pratheek Ponnappa

If you are looking for unbiased opinions about the grub culture of Bengaluru, then do visit the blog “Grubitizer” run by Pratheek Ponnappa. The blog is born out of Pratheek’s passion for food, travel and other associated ventures. It covers everything related to food and beverage industry. He has a section called “Products” on his blog, where he posts about latest cars, gadgets and new product launches. There is also another section dubbed “Travel & Property” where he posts about his visits to exotic destinations and restaurants.

Peruvian Maki Acevichado/Double Corn Tacos/Chicken and Orange Salad

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Pushpa Moorjani : Papad Chai

Pushpa Moorjani

Pushpa Moorjani is the brainchild behind the creation of the blog “Papad Chai”. The primary focus of her blog is towards younger generation; she posts step-by-step recipes with beautifully crafted pictures. She offers in-depth details about food, shopping, traveling, cooking and dining. The blog is also composed of food stories, health benefits and experiences of food during her travel. She is also the author of the cookbook “SindhiCuisine” that documents her mother’s traditional cooking.

The Salmon Salad/Rumali Roti Roll /Tomatoes Avocado and Buffalo Cheese With Sweet Sauce

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Rohit Dassani : Rohit Dassani

Rohit Dassani

Rohit Dassani is a food blogger, photographer, traveler and the brain and brawn behind the creation of this food blog. The blog is all about food, travel and personal experiences. Through his blog, Rohit shares food reviews, and various food feeds from various places in India and also include restaurant and food festivals. He also shares travel escapades and day to day experiences. He started his blogging journey in 2009 from Kolkata, and as part of his culinary journey, he moved to places like Hyderabad, Delhi, NCR Gurgaon. Now his blog “Rohit Dassani” is rated one among the top food bloggers in Bengaluru.

Sumatra Dark Chocolate Mousse/Beetroot Crystal/Zombie Punch

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Vidya Lakshmi : Vidyascooking

Vidya Lakshmi

The blog “Vidyascooking” offers the helping hand for those who are in search of traditional South Indian recipes, fusion recipes, product and restaurant reviews. Vidya Lakshmi is the soul behind the blog; her passion towards cooking is amplified with time, and now she reviews kitchen accessories, wines, restaurants and food products. She also runs a web series on “Basics of Indian cooking” that teaches many working people to prepare Indian food right from scratch.

Double Black & Berry Cocktail at Blueginger Taj Westend/Prawns Ghee Roast/Laura Croft Cocktail at Bak Bak Bar

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These blogs have been chosen based on the following criteria –

: Bonusapp’s editorial team and expert review.
: Quality and frequency of Blogger’s recipe blog posts.
: Influence and popularity on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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