Top 10 Indian Fashion Bloggers – 2018

Everyone wants to be comfortable in their skin and also look fashionable. But is not that easy as it sounds! We all wish to dress correctly for various situations, but we end up committing simple mistakes. So, the best and effortless way is to follow the fashion blogs. But to locate the right blogs that fulfil your fashion needs warrants a bit of research. To make your job easier, we have compiled a list of “Top 10 Indian fashion bloggers” who have carved a niche for themselves in the blogging industry. These style aficionados are always on the move in offering fashion tips and creative ideas about the latest beauty and fashion trends. Make sure to bookmark these blogs, and you are sure to become a fashionista!

Tanya Virmani : Let’s Expresso

Tanya Virmani

The blog “Let’s Expresso” is all about the latest fashion, travel stories and fantastic giveaways. Tanya Virmani is the person behind the blog and offers the latest beauty tips, fashion trends and travel tales across cities and countries. She also covers product reviews, the most recent launches and budget buys on her blog. Tanya swears by three fundamentals when it comes to fashion; comfort, repetition and confidence. Her blog presents the best of design, beauty and her globe-trotting ways would inspire you to try something new.

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Pratibha Bhadauria : Labels And Love

Pratibha Bhadauria

Pratibha Bhadauria quit her styling job on popular Zee Media and ventured into full-time blogging at “Labels and Love”. She holds a degree in Fashion and Apparel design and collaborates with brands to create a visual story. Also, she is a creative director, stylist, and a photographer. At “Labels and Love” she blogs her evolving journey of fashion and life. Her depiction of her travel adventures combined with jaw-dropping photographs leaves you mesmerised.

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Bhumika Thakkar : New Love-Makeup

Bhumika Thakkar

Bhumika Thakkar’s blog “New Love-Makeup” features a catalogue of Indian makeup, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, reviews, hauls, swathes and how to’s. She runs a category titled “Bridal” that is a useful resource for those looking to get married, a bride-to-be, or soon to get engaged. Visit her YouTube channel to witness a lot of beauty and makeup tutorials, haul videos, reviews, outposts and more. You can also find unboxing videos and reviews of skincare and makeup products of multiple brands on her blog.

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June Biswas : I Want It All

June Biswas

The author of the fashion blog “I Want It All” June Biswas hails from Pune, Maharashtra; she has been in the blogging field for more than a decade. Apart from it, she is a fashionista, senior social media analyst, animal lover, video gamer, foodie, horror movie connoisseur, cakehead, geek and a free spirit. Her blog includes a variety of topics like beauty, travel, and honest reviews about the product and restaurants. Visit her blog for travelling/dining/shopping advice that June offers based on her experiences and recommendations.

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Magali : Magali Vaz

Magali Vaz

Magali is a Mumbai-based content creator and blogs about food, beauty, personal style, travel, art, photography, decor and more on her blog “Magali Vaz”. She runs a YouTube channel, where she posts videos about makeup tutorials, fashion lookbooks, decors for a sizable number of audience. Magali loves travelling and does regular travel vlogs around India and across the world. She has a tremendous social media presence as evidenced by the huge number of followers. Pay a visit to the section “Food and Drink’ on her blog as Magali takes us through the culinary journey of the tourist destinations she visits in India and around the world.

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Nischita Babu : My Black Skirt

Nischita Babu

The fashion blog “My Black Skirt” is born out of Nischita Babu’s pursuit of her passion for lifestyle and fashion. She is a personal style blogger with love for everyday fashion and lifestyle. On “My Black Skirt” Nischita shares her style, experiments, inspiration and continuously churns out credible content for the users. She offers in-depth reviews of skin care products along with crystal clear photographs. Further, Nischita offers deep insights into the places she visits with detailed descriptions, beautifully crafted pictures.

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Chandana Munipalle : The Girl At First Avenue

Chandana Munipalle

A beauty with brain Chandana Munipalle is an artist, visual storyteller, and full-time blogger at “The Girl at First Avenue”. The blog comprises simplistic, modest styling that can be worn by an every-day girl. She is also an entrepreneur and founder of creative agency “FirstAvenueStories” based in Hyderabad. On her blog, Chandana offers simple and elegant styling ideas and also posts her travel stories, musings, travel videos and titbits along with her hubby Kalyan. Apart from it, she also writes about the business of blogging, gadget reviews, DIY fashions and events she attends. She also pens creative posts about the ways to rock Indian traditional jewellery.

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Anshika Ranga : Stay Beautiful With Anshika

Anshika Ranga

If you wanted to create a normal to stylish outfit or craving to look more fashionista in your normal outfits then pay a visit to Anshika Ranga’ blog “Stay Beautiful With Anshika”. She is a fashion influencer, who writes and makes videos about beauty, lifestyle and travel. Anshika is a postgraduate and holds a diploma in fashion engineering. Her blog includes a portfolio that comprises makeup, photography skills, styling, photo editing and food. She uses her blog as a medium to express her style without any limitation.

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Dr. Arushi Soni : The Gypsy Girl Things!

Dr. Arushi Soni

Dr. Arushi Soni is a dentist by profession and the creative vision behind the blog “The Gypsy Girl Things”. Her blog is a creative space where she pens about the lifestyle, fashion, product reviews, and health-related posts. She is a fashion enthusiast, vivid traveller and loves exploring new places and trying new things. Her evocative writing skills coupled with amazing photography offers in-depth details of her travel experiences. Arushi loves exploring various cultures, experiencing different cuisines and experimenting with different styles. Arushi also runs an online fashion store dubbed “Thegypsygirlstore” that features products across fashion apparel, body care, footwear, beauty products and more.

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Kavya Makkar : A Mermaid Maybe

Kavya Makkar

Kavya Makkar’s “A Mermaid Maybe” is all about Fitness, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, food, and travel. She is desirous about writing, photography and social media. She also shares weight loss hacks on her blog: her weight loss journey from fat to fit is an inspiration for many! For those looking to spice up their profiles with trendy looks on Instagram do visit the section “The Instagram Baddie” on her blog. Visit her section on her blog “Festive affair” as Kavya gives you all the hacks to look super glam in Indian attire.

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These blogs have been chosen based on the following criteria –
: Influence and popularity on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.
: Quality and frequency of Blogger’s blog posts.
: Web-site design and photographs quality.
: Bonusapp’s editorial team and expert review.
: Search engine reputation

Final Order of the bloggers in the post is based on the performance on these criteria.

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