Top 20 U.S Food Instagrammers To Follow – 2018

The U.S. offers limitless options for those looking for latest food trends and Instagram-able treats. From many trending culinary creations to culturally diverse cuisine offerings at every corner, there is no wonder foodies around the world favour U.S as one of the hot spots to eat and of course to take photos. It is not an easy task to whittle down to an extensive list of favourites to these few food Instagrammers. Follow these accounts to liven up your Instagram feed, and they are sure to make your stomach growl whenever you check your phone.

Alexandra Stafford – alexandracooks

@alexandracooks is the home to simple, fussy and seasonal recipes. She also runs the blog Alexandra’s Kitchen and spends most of the day writing, cooking, baking and documenting everything in her kitchen.

Ashley – ashrod

The person behind @Ashrod, Ashley fills her Instagram feed with bright, crispy food photos. She runs the blog not without salt, which helps you eat well and enjoy the process of cooking and baking delicious food.

Brian Lindo – briancantstopeating

Living in the NewYork City Brian Lindo began his Instagram account @briancantstopeating as a hobby to build a database for his favourite spots in New York. Later his account steadily gathered the following, and it also became a way for him to sample great foods in the city.

Kylie Mazon – cookingwithcocktailrings

The person behind @cookingwithcocktailrings, Kylie Mazon, is a freelance food photographer, writer, a wonderful baker, and author of the food blog “cooking with cocktail rings”. She enjoys recreating recipes and casts her spin on it.

Lauren Vavala – deliciouslittlebites

A dental hygienist by profession for over 15 years, Lauren Vavala(@deliciouslittlebites) has stopped working and now dedicates her time to share recipes through her blog “Delicious Little Bites”. Her blog features easy to share recipes for all occasions and in particular gluten-free recipes.

Alexa Mehraban – eatingnyc

Alexa Mehraban keeps her Instagram followers engaged with a mix of tantalising food shots and clever captions on her feed(@eatingnyc). Alexa covers all the trending food spots the New York city has to offer on a delicious journey.

Minnie Kim – itsminniekim

Minnie Kim of @itsminniekim originally hails from Seoul, South Korea and now settled in New York City. She displays her food artfully and beautifully and often includes pictures of fruits from the local farmers market.

Gillie Houston – gilliehouston

Brooklyn based Gillie Houston is an editor, freelance writer and social media editor. With ample social media following, she never disappoints her followers and always comes up with delicious recipes, bright coloured food displays and funny captions on her feed @gilliehouston.

Lori L – girleatsnyc

There is an appealing retro simplicity to the images Lori posts on her Instagram feed @girleatsnyc. It is hard to keep gazing at her images for long without feeling the urge to grab a spoon or fork to reach in with your fingers.

MacKenzie Smith – grilledcheesesocial

MacKenzie Smith is an Ex Brooklynite currently living in Florida and is expert in food styling, photography, recipe development, 2-time food network champ and creator of the blog “Grilled Cheese Social” (home to the largest collection of grilled cheese sandwich recipes). She updates her Instagram feed(@grilledcheesesocial) frequently with travels, recipes, and her pop-ups.

Judy Kim –

With a floral and fashion background, Judy Kim’s (@judy.Kim) styling of pastries on her blog Judy Kim is unique. Based in New York, you can find her incorporating botanical element in food styling that ranges from edible floral garnishes to full floral interiors.

Lara Dominianni – _littlemissfoodie

Lara Dominianni’s Instagram account (@_littlemissfoodie) is a good bet for those looking for lighter meals and health-conscious restaurant choices. She keeps her followers hooked up by posting her kitchen creations and excursions to local restaurants.

Gina Masilotti – munchiesinnyc

Gina Masilotti’s @munchiesinnyc lets you locate the most drool-worthy and delicious bites the New York City has to offer. The feed features only original photographs of the best munchies.


@nycfoodcoma is the guide to New York City food and restaurants that include restaurant reviews, recommendation, travel, lifestyle and more. She is simply a New York City girl living in a permanent food coma and capturing every moment of it.

Shanika – orchidsandsweettea

Shanika (@orchidsandsweettea) is a self-taught cook, baker, author, writer and creative brain behind the blog “Orchids and sweet tea”. She firmly believes a healthy lifestyle starts from inside, out and makes eating good a reality by incorporating healthier alternatives for a healthy lifestyle.

Jenn Yee – pastrywithjenn

@pastrywithjenn is one place, where Jenn Yee shares her delicious moments of Baking and recipe testing on her blog “Deliciously Noted”. She is a late night baker and holds a certificate in pastry arts.

Julia Sherman – saladforpresident

Julia Sherman (@saladforpresident) is the face behind the blog “Salad for President”; she is a photographer, writer, cook and creative director of Chopt Salad. She makes her salad recipes in collaboration with artist, writer, musician or a creative professional.

Ben Hon – stuffbeneats

Ben Hon is the voice and vision behind @stuffbeneats. He shoots all the places where he ate and puts in a lot of effort to take the best pictures to represent the restaurants in the best way possible. Ben’s Instagram feed is the melting point of New York cuisines.

Lina Cawog – thesweetlifeoflina

Lina Cawog has a passion for food right from her childhood; a full-time optometrist, she somehow dedicates her free space to keep her followers hooked with the latest trend and perfect shots of food on her Instagram feed @thesweetlifeoftina.

Tina Liu – tinaeats_

Tina Liu’s impeccable photography skills are visible in her mouthwatering shots on her feed @tinaeats_. She is known for her nail art, and her manicures play a starring role in many of her shots. Not to mention, Tina’s passion for ice cream is second to none!

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