Top 10 Indian Food Stylists – 2018

Food styling is more of an art of arranging food, and the essence of styling is to make the food tempting and as realistic as possible. Food styling is the recipe for flawless food photography. An alluring photograph teases the viewer’s appetite and tempts the palate. Hailing from various professions the unequivocal dedication of the top 10 food stylists to popularise heirloom Indian recipes deserves respect and admiration. Pay a visit to the blogs of these food stylists to relish the incredible photographs of the recipes that ooze freshness, and leaves us salivating.

Kankana Saxena

1) Kankana Saxena ventured into food blogging in 2011 under the name ‘Sunshine and Smile’ but renamed it as Playful Cooking in 2013. She carries the legacy of her mother and always cooks with fresh seasonal produce. She enjoys playing with flavours and fuses different cuisines. All her recipes are fuss-free,  easy and quick cooking. Kankana is the author of the Bengali cookbook “Taste of Eastern India” which features delicious and authentic Bengali recipes. Her impeccable use of props and photography elements accounts for stunning images of the recipes that flirt with your taste buds.

Bengali Basanti Pulao/Besan Ki Sabzi/Chickpea Shrimp in Makhani Sauce

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Simi Jois

2)  Simi started the blog Turmeric n spice to showcase her successes and failures in the kitchen. She satisfied the artistic urge in herself through photography. Her passion towards photography reflects in her food images. She is fond of painting, and the colour, light, depth and everything about painting are tied beautifully with her ardour for cooking. Simi calls it “Culinary optics” as it merges both her passion for cooking and photography.

Eating health-Bagelwich/Mango-Peach-Cantaloupe-Turmeric Sorbet/Mexican Buddha Bowl

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Reshu Drolia

3) Reshu Drolia’s Mints Recipes is the ultimate destination for veggies. Being a vegetarian herself, the blog features only veg recipes and also eggless cake recipes. Reshu draws her inspiration from her mother. All the recipes are tried and tested in the kitchen so that you can follow them without any fuss. Further, the recipes included detailed instructions, step-by-step tutorials and coupled with how-to videos; you cannot ask for more! The saying “Pictures speak more than words” aptly applies to her! Reshu styles the recipes with proper props, and her photographs are second to none.

Stuffed Besan Cheela Potli Recipe/ Vermicelli Shrikhand/ Simple Lasagna Recipe

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Anupa Joseph

4) Palaharam is the brainchild of Anupa Joseph who after quitting the corporate career made most of the free time documenting the recipes. It led to the birth of the blog, where she hoped to learn cooking from scratch and entertain guests with creative recipes. Now Palaharam has a plethora of Indian as well as international recipes. She reserves a special place for Kerala Sadya recipes where you can come across traditional Kerala recipes and sweets. Further, she shares useful tips regarding storage of ingredients and making of tricky dishes under the column ‘Do you Know’. Her blog demonstrates her mastery of the process of creating stunning food and drink images.

Aam Ki Launji/Crepe with Chocolate Sauce/Vegetable Cutlet

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Binjal Pandya

5) Binjal Pandya, the creator of Binjal’s VEG Kitchen, is originally from Gujarat and now resides in the state of Pennsylvania USA. Her blog features a collection of recipes and anecdotes about cooking. She draws inspiration from capturing the authentic, vibrant splendour of whole ingredients using natural light. For years, her love for photography has grown immensely. Now she captures enticing food shots like a pro.

Vegan Chocolate Bundt Cake/Sabudana Vada Recipe/Kuchi Dabeli

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Subhasmita Panigrahi

6) Subhasmita Panigrahi owns the blog The flavours of kitchen. Her blog is the home to a wide variety of cuisines. A software engineer by profession, Subhasmita found her passion in blogging. Witness her culinary skills on a broad variety of recipes ranging from soups to desserts and Asian to Mexican. She loves translating the food she sees, hears, and tastes into a dish in her kitchen. Her blog is filled with simple, elegant shots and vibrant colours of the recipes. Her undeniable styling and presentation of various recipes leave us mouthwatering and spellbound.

Crispy Sesame Ginger Tofu with Soba Noodles/Mexican Chicken Soup/Butter Nut Squash Tofu Thai Curry

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Rose Mary George

7) Rose Mary George’s fascination towards cooking stems from the traditional recipes of India. Being a Physiotherapist by profession, she found the passion for cooking that led to the creation of Nish Kitchen. Her presentation of the recipes is commendable and further amplified by the styling that makes them look as viscerally appealing as possible. Pay a visit to Nish Kitchen and rediscover the forgotten family-friendly recipes that are made using seasonal ingredients.

Chocolate Cheesecake/Mysore Masala Dosa/Homemade Veggie Pizza

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Radhika Penagonda

8) Radhika Penagonda is the architect behind the creation of Just Homemade. She started her blog in 2010 out of love for cooking and passion for photography. Rediscovering the south Indian food heritage, her blog features a repertoire of native to regional, traditional to contemporary recipes and more. What makes her blog even more special is that Radhika cooks all her recipes in traditional natural cookware that include clay pots, stone pots, cast iron ware, wood porcelain and glass. Radhika makes the most use of the props and her immaculate food styling bundled with natural cookware makes us fall in love, and we cannot refuse to eat.

Mamidi Allam Pachadi/Macha Green Tea Penna Cotta With Agar Agar/Chintha Chiguru Pappu

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Maumita Paul

9) Maumita Paul chronicles her adventures in the kitchen in her blog Experiences of Gastronomad. The blog is one place where you can come across traditional Bengali recipes. She draws inspiration from her grandmother and makes use of even the mundane ingredients for the recreation of drool-worthy recipes. Relive the culinary magic as Maumita unfolds her acumen across various vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Also, she reserves a special place for recipes of Seafood and fishes.

Golmorich Murgi/Doi Ilish/Bhandhakopir Ghonto

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Hina Gujral

10) Looking to prepare a scrumptious lunch! Then have a sneak peek into Hina Gujral’s Fun Food and Frolic. The Gurgaon based food stylist Hina Gujral does it all: food blogging, food styling, and she is also a freelance food consultant. Her blog is a reflection of boundless local Indian recipes and also has a special place for global cuisines. Being a passionate traveller, Hina pens her travel experiences under the category ‘Travel Journal’ in her blog. Her evocative writing coupled with the detailed description of the recipes and prepping of the ingredients does the magic behind the aesthetic appeal of her blog.

Paneer Makhani/Chettinad Prawn Masala/Vermicelli Upma

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These blogs have been chosen based on the following criteria –

: Presentation & Styling skills for recipes.
: Bonusapp’s editorial team and expert review.
: Quality and frequency of Blogger’s recipe blog posts.
: Influence and popularity on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

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