Top 10 Indian Travel Bloggers – 2018

In today’s hectic professional environment, it warrants sometime to relax to recoup your energy and recharge yourself. In that scenario, planning a travel adventure is the ideal option. Seeing new places, meeting people from various cultures and trying out the tasty cuisines in the area would definitely soothe your soul. But before you make the journey, it’s good to look around and decide what to take and what to leave behind. So, to have an idea, you might need to browse these travel blogs.

The trailblazing travel writers and digital nomads had a keen eye for detail and jotted down all the relevant information that comes in handy for a newbie when they visit the destination. They offer in-depth details about what to do, where to go, where to stay and other travel tips. These bloggers have made it their own and traveled far and deep to many unexplored places in India we have never heard of! They offer true travel inspiration to the wanderlusters out there to pursue their dream of travel. Choosing the Top 10 Indian Travel bloggers from a repertoire of travel blogs out there is quite challenging. However, after the rigorous screening of over 1100 travel bloggers, we are able to make it!

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Top 10 Indian Lifestyle Bloggers-2018

We all tend to look like a fashionista by just being comfortable in our own skin. But it is not that easy as it sounds! There are many lifestyle bloggers out there who strive to catch the fancy of the fashionista in the making. But only a few blogs have it in them to inspire readers with their creative content, unique posts featuring the latest fashion, lifestyle trends, travel ideas, beauty tips and much more. It is what makes these blogs absolutely addictive!

Further, their captivating writing and visually appealing photographs make these blogs a dream destination for anyone out there who wants to upgrade the fashion. These bloggers have expressed the fashion in their way making it super easy and super fun without burning a hole in the pocket. It was an extremely close race between the nominees, however, these bloggers have managed to stay above the crowd and made it to the elite list of “Top 10 lifestyle bloggers in India”.

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Top 10 South Indian Culinary Blogs – 2018

Gone are the days when traditional cooking was portrayed as the highly specialised area of expertise. With the evocative writing skills of the recipes, easy to follow steps and clear photographs, these food bloggers have simplified the art of traditional cooking. The efforts of these bloggers in popularising the traditional South Indian Cuisine and making a mark on Global food map certainly deserves applause. These bloggers have painstakingly chronicled and deconstructed the traditional South Indian recipes to make it easier even for newbies to follow.

Further, the recipes are augmented with tantalising photographs and peppered with hilarious anecdotes, cultural bites, tips, and tricks, thus completing a blissful culinary journey. Handpicking the top 10 South Indian Culinary bloggers from a plethora of South Indian food blogs is a daunting task, and we are glad that we are able to make it. All these bloggers deserve equal credit and hence isolating them based on any criteria based ranking does not justify their efforts. So, we have arranged these Top 10 South Indian bloggers alphabetically.

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Food Photography: Top 11 tips to get started

If you are an amateur or cannot afford much of the professional equipment required for food photography, then this article is just for you. Today, having an excellent photographic content has become an absolute necessity for food bloggers. Great food photos draw the attention of the readers and make them want to read on. They also create great shareable content and indirectly increases the user engagement and clicks on your site.

 “Treat for a belly made a feast for the eyes”

 Source: playful cooking

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